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DNV Partners with Energy Companies in Three Energy Transition Safety JIPs

Oct 24, 2022

DNV, the independent expert in assurance and risk management, has partnered up working with energy companies in three energy transition safety joint industry projects.'The energy transition depends on several technologies with potential hazardous characteristics…

Protecting Norway's Gas Exports Against Sabotage a Top Priority, Says Security Official

Oct 21, 2022

Protecting Norway's gas exports to Europe against sabotage is a top priority for the country's authorities, a senior security official told Reuters, including helping oil firms protect themselves against Russian attempts to gather intelligence…

Nord Stream Breaches a Stark Reminder of Undersea Infrastructure Vulnerabilities

Oct 17, 2022

On the night of September 26, near the end of the calm season on the Baltic, a broiling kilometer-wide circle disturbed the face of the sea and a huge mass of methane erupted into the air. The gas formed a cloud that crossed Europe, in what’s…

Survitec Names New CEO

Oct 17, 2022

UK-based survival technology solutions provider Survitec has appointed Robert Steen Kledal as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).'As CEO, Robert will be responsible for setting Survitec’s strategic direction. He will lead the Survitec Executive team and sit on the Survitec Board…

Norwegian Police Investigate Drone Sighting Over Gas Plant

Oct 14, 2022

Norway police on Friday investigated reports of a drone flying over the Kaarstoe [Kårstø] gas plant in southwest Norway on Thursday, while in Arctic Norway a Russian-Israeli citizen was arrested when police found two drones in his car.The Norwegian…

Putin: Russia Could Redirect Nord Stream Supplies to Black Sea, and Create Gas Hub in Turkey

Oct 13, 2022

President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that Russia could redirect supplies intended for the damaged Nord Stream pipelines to the Black Sea to create a European gas hub in Turkey, or even use the one intact part of Nord Stream 2 to supply the EU…

Gazprom: NATO Mine Destroyer Device was Found at Nord Stream 1 in 2015

Oct 11, 2022

A spokesperson for Russian energy giant Gazprom said on Monday that a mine destroyer discovered at the Nord Stream 1 offshore gas pipeline in 2015 belonged to NATO. Nord Stream reported on that date in 2015 that a 'munitions object' had been cleared by the Swedish armed forces…

New Contracts, Jobs for Aberdeenshire-based Blaze

Oct 10, 2022

Aberdeenshire-based Blaze Manufacturing Solutions has announced major contracts and new jobs since introducing a redefined global business strategy.According to the company, following a major investment boost from Balmoral Group in 2019 the company has secured work from the nuclear…

Near Miss Incident at Hibernia Platform Offshore Canada

Oct 10, 2022

Hibernia Management and Development Company Ltd. (HMDC), the operator of the Hibernia platform in the Atlantic Ocean offshore Canada, has reported that a near-miss incident occurred on the platform on October 5, 2022.According to HMDC, as reported to safety regulator CNLOPB…

Safety Concerns: Norway Inspects Europipe II Subsea Gas Pipeline to Germany

Oct 07, 2022

Norway has deployed a specialist vessel to inspect a subsea gas pipeline to Germany because of safety concerns after suspected sabotage last month on two Nord Stream pipelines between Russia and Germany, according to sources and data.Norway…

Nord Stream Probe Finds Evidence of Detonations, Swedish Police Say

Oct 07, 2022

A crime scene investigation of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines from Russia to Europe found evidence of detonations, strengthening suspicions of 'gross sabotage', Sweden's Security Service said on Thursday. Swedish and Danish authorities have been investigating four leaks after the pipelines…

Nord Stream Gas 'Sabotage': Who's Being Blamed and Why?

Oct 06, 2022

Major leaks that suddenly erupted in the Nord Stream gas pipelines that run from Russia to Europe under the Baltic Sea have generated plenty of theories but few clear answers about who or what caused the damage.Here is what we know and what has been said so far:WHO IS BEING BLAMED…

'Unthinkable' That Russia Will be Excluded from Nord Stream Probe, Foreign Ministry Says

Oct 06, 2022

Russia's foreign ministry said on Thursday it was 'unthinkable' that an investigation into ruptures on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines would proceed without Russia's participation.Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the West…

German Police See State Actor Role in Nord Stream Blasts as Probable - Spiegel

Oct 05, 2022

Germany's BKA federal police assumes explosions in the Nord Stream pipelines last week were 'a targeted act of sabotage' and said it is probable that state actors were involved, the Spiegel weekly reported, citing a letter to industry representatives…

Putin Ally Compares Nord Stream Sabotage to CIA-backed Attacks of 1980s

Oct 05, 2022

One of President Vladimir Putin's top allies said on Wednesday that the sabotage of the Nord Stream offshore gas pipelines resembled the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency-backed attacks on oil infrastructure in Nicaragua in 1983.Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 offshore gas pipelines…

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