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GE completes Lufkin acquisition

Jul 02, 2013

GE Oil & Gas has completed its acquisition of artificial lift technologies and industrial gears firm Lufkin Industries in a deal valued at US$3.3billion. Lufkin, with approximately 4,500 employees in more than 40 countries, manufactures…

Progress after Piper

Jun 12, 2013

As the 25th anniversary of the UK North Sea Piper Alpha disaster approaches, GL Noble Denton looks at regulatory best practice. The 25-year anniversary of the Piper Alpha disaster provides an important opportunity to stop and reflect…

Colloquy: Safety first... in the North Sea

Jun 12, 2013

COLLOQUY: Editor's Column Beginning this month, we recognize the 25th anniversary of the Piper Alpha disaster. The Piper Alpha production platform was operated by Occidental Petroleum (Caledonia) Ltd. in the UK sector of the North Sea…

Rigless drilling enters the pilot stage

Apr 15, 2013

Exploration could be radically altered by a simple idea, Victor Schmidt explains, saving industry months and millions. How does the offshore industry evaluate a new deepwater play? Conduct geologic research, examine studies, collect samples…

Oceaneering reports record earnings

Feb 15, 2013

Oceaneering International, Inc. reported record fourth-quarter and annual earnings for the periods ended December 31, 2012.For the 4Q 2012, Oceaneering earned net income of $80.6 million, or $0.74 per share, on revenue of $780.9 million. During the corresponding period in 2011…

Platts: Frack water recycling a growing trend

Dec 26, 2012

Ecologix's mobile treatment systemEcologix CEO discusses frack water recycling Platts – Recycling of water used for hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is a trend that will inevitably grow as companies realize that they cannot continue…

Designer waterflooding

Nov 07, 2012

The oil & gas industry is no stranger to water injection and waterflood methods to increase recovery. One operating company is working out details on how to tailor the water used in waterflooding techniques to boost offshore recovery rates. Jennifer…

Reducing risk to maximize drilling performance

Nov 01, 2012

To meet drilling challenges, such as hole sections with long steep inclinations and severe doglegs, the keystone of a new drilling campaign offshore Thailand includes use of rotary steerable systems instead of the downhole motors traditionally used there…

Rhino reamer delivers on-demand

Oct 12, 2012

The Rhino XC on-demand reamer, released at ONS by Schlumberger, is a next-generation reaming tool that provides unlimited activation of the flow actuation system to reliably enlarge boreholes.Building on Rhino XS hydraulically expandable reamer technology…

Restoring well integrity Congo-style

Oct 01, 2012

An innovative cased-hole expandable liner system has been deployed to repair casing corrosion in an offshore Congo well. Weatherford’s Scott Durment and Doug Farley explain why and how.Casing damage in older wells comes in many forms and from many sources…

Managing the Pressure

Sep 12, 2012

Houston-based managed pressure drilling systems specialist Managed Pressure Operations International reports that it is expanding its delivery of the innovative Non-Stop Driller (NSD) continuous circulation system.Devoloped to maintain…

Boots & Coots

Sep 12, 2012

Halliburton’s Boots & Coots has acquired Old School Services to enhance its pressure control offerings and provide operators with the throughtubing equipment resources required by today’s rapidly growing unconventionals, horizontal drilling and multistage completions markets…

Customized bits boost pre-salt rates of penetration

Sep 01, 2012

Customized bits enabled Petrobras to successfully drill hard carbonates of pre-salt reservoirs and hard and interbedded post-salt formations of two different offshore wells, while at the same time lowering vibrations, increasing rates of penetration…

Sourceless LWD formation evaluation

Jul 19, 2012

Schlumberger has introduced NeoScope, a sourceless logging-while-drilling formation evaluation service based on pulsed neutron generator technology that eliminates the need for chemical sources and provides real-time measurements close to the…

Liner technology comes of age

Apr 01, 2012

Nearly 11 years after Weatherford first commercially deployed drilling-with-casing, the service company is still testing the limits of where and how the technology can be helpful when it comes to overcoming wellbore instability. Jennifer Pallanich catches…

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