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Meeting up to expectations

Jul 07, 2011

At the EAGE annual meeting in Vienna Andrew McBarnet discerned a mood of surprising equanimity in the marine seismic community.Some titles are hard to live up to. So, even though the recent annual meeting of the European Association of Geoscientists…

Leap of faith for Dolphin

Jun 08, 2011

Andrew McBarnet reviews some of the history of Norwegian marine seismic ventures to assess the aspirations of the latest entrant into the market.The launch of yet another Norwegian-inspired company dedicated to making its mark on the marine seismic business is so déjà vu…

What sort of sting is in this tale?

May 01, 2011

Multi-client specialist TGS took the marine seismic business by surprise last month with the purchase of Stingray Geophysical, a UK-based start up company focusing on seismic-based permanent reservoir monitoring (PRM). Andrew McBarnet discusses what prompted the move…

Schotman eyes Shell's opportunity sets

Apr 01, 2011

As chief technology officer for Shell, Gerald Schotman oversees a research and development program with a budget that exceeds $1 billion. During a recent Houston visit, Schotman sat down with Russell McCulley to discuss how the company decides how to direct its R&D efforts…

Treating drilling waste offshore

Apr 01, 2011

Offshore disposal of untreated oil base mud (OBM) cuttings is not permitted anywhere in the world, and in several geographical areas the discharge limit is generally 1% oil on cuttings or less.--Norwegian firm Thermtech claims its TCC technology…

Subsurface data comes out on top

Apr 01, 2011

Andrew McBarnet reviews the implications of a new report on the value proposition of E&P data and how it is managed.To get the most mileage out of any personal achievement, it is always better if the recognition comes from a third party. This…

Conflicting views from the seabed

Mar 02, 2011

Andrew McBarnet tries to fathom the future of permanent seismic reservoir monitoring projects.A big pow-wow of industry specialists at the end of last month in Trondheim, Norway, was hoping to get to the bottom of the future prospects for…

Taking responsibility for research

Feb 02, 2011

Andrew McBarnet weighs up the value of research in the E&P marine geoscience sector and draws some surprising conclusions.We hear a great deal about the hard to find oil which needs to be discovered if the world's supply needs are to be met in the coming decades before…

How gaming has aided GPU rendering for volume visualization

Feb 02, 2011

The latest top end 3D graphics cards can now support GPU rendering for volume visualization and instantaneous processing of volume data. Paradigm's Huw James, Evgeny Ragoza and Tatyana Kostrova explain what this generation of cards makes possible…

Taking stock of new orders

Dec 31, 2010

It’s amazing how little it takes for perspective on a business to change more or less overnight and be seen through a completely fresh set of lenses. Andrew McBarnet reviews some surprising developments.A month or so ago at the annual meeting…

Counting the cost of low prices

Nov 01, 2010

Reporting from last month’s SEG annual meeting in Denver, Andrew McBarnet finds marine seismic contractors frustrated by contract bidding woes.There is no question about what was bothering the marine seismic community at last month’s well attended…

What is the lay of the land as TGS is turfed off?

Oct 26, 2010

All dressed up and nowhere to go is never a good feeling. But that's exactly what has just happened to − of all companies − TGSNopec. The acknowledged maestro of the multiclient seismic survey business last month put out a terse statement that…

Optimistic wave for CSEM

Oct 26, 2010

Some new twists and turns have been added to the well chronicled travails of companies fighting an uphill battle to establish the use of marine controlled source electromagnetic (CSEM) technology for offshore hydrocarbon detection.Careful reading…

Greenland drilling ends for 2010

Oct 26, 2010

Cairn Energy has wrapped up its 2010 exploration drilling campaign offshore Greenland and released both the Stena Forth and Stena Don rigs, the company said 26 October 2010.Cairn suspended the Alpha-1S1 exploration well to allow possible re-entry to sidetrack or deepen the well at a later date…

Seven up already for LoFS

Oct 26, 2010

A recent contract renewal for the small UK-based company WGP Group and its partner Thalassa Energy Services is a reminder that the first life of field seismic (LoFS) project on BP's Valhall field offshore Norway has been ongoing since 2003.…

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