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Sustainable Marine's 'Ultra-durable' Tidal Turbine Rotors Can Stay in the Field for 20 Years

Jul 07, 2021

Scottish tidal energy technology company Sustainable Marine said Wednesday its new turbine rotors have proven they can survive for two decades in the field, following rigorous tests at a marine energy center in Ireland.The company teamed up with the MaREI Centre at the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI Galway), through German engineering partner SCHOTTEL Hydro, to test its new 'ultra-durable' turbine rotors…

Orbital Picked to Lead EU-backed Floating Tidal Energy Project

Sep 13, 2021

Scottish tidal energy technology developer, Orbital Marine Power (Orbital) will lead a pan-European consortium to deliver the €26.7m FORWARD-2030 project, set up to accelerate the commercial deployment of floating tidal energy.The FORWARD-2030 project consortium will receive €20…

Sustainable Marine's Tidal Turbine Drivetrain Passes Accelerated Lifetime Tests in Germany

Aug 17, 2021

Scottish tidal energy technology firm Sustainable Marine said Tuesday that its tidal turbine drivetrain has successfully completed ‘accelerated lifetime testing’ at the Center of Wind Power Drives at RWTH Aachen UniversitySCHOTTEL Hydro, Sustainable Marine’s German engineering partner…

'World's Most Powerful Tidal Turbine' Brought Online in Scotland

Jul 29, 2021

O2, dubbed the world's most powerful tidal turbine, and built by the Scottish engineering firm Orbital Marine, has this week started power generation at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney. The floating turbine is anchored in…

Innovative Anchoring Solution for ORPC’s TidGen Project

May 27, 2021

ORPC has engaged Sustainable Marine’s Swift Anchors division to provide its novel rock anchoring system for ORPC’s Advanced TidGen Project set to launch in Maine later this year.Swift Anchors will be among a number of subsystems which ORPC will develop…

Simec Atlantis Energy's Tidal Turbine Passes Test in Japan

May 24, 2021

Simec Atlantis Energy (SAE) has informed that its tidal power generation facility in Naru Island, Japan, has passed the Japanese government's pre-use inspection tests.  The site, which features the AR500 tidal turbine installed earlier this year…

Innovative Tidal Power Project Proceeds in the Scottish Sea

Apr 28, 2021

SKF is participating in a tidal power project off the Orkney Islands.Orbital Marine Power, Scottish-based developers of the world’s leading floating tidal turbine technology, has now launched its first commercial 2MW unit, the Orbital O2, which…

Roxtec Delivers Seals for Orbital's O2 Tidal Turbine

Mar 29, 2021

Safety seal manufacturer Roxtec said Monday it had supplied Scotland-based Orbital Marine Power with a range of cable sealing solutions to support the construction of Orbital Marine's tidal turbine, the Orbital O2 2MW.Orbital’s O2 turbine is…

VIDEO: Scottish-made Tidal Turbine Installed in Japan

Feb 15, 2021

Simec Atlantis Energy (SAE) has informed that its Scottish built tidal turbine and generation equipment have been successfully installed in the Goto Island chain in Japan. 'The tidal turbine clocked its first 10MWh of generation within the first…

Atlantis Delivers Tidal Power Equipment to Japan

Dec 22, 2020

Tidal energy developer Atlantis said Tuesday its Scottish-made tidal generation equipment had arrived in Japan.The Atlantis designed and built tidal generation system has arrived in Nagasaki harbor, Japan having left Scotland in October. It…

Minesto Delivers First Tidal Energy to Faroese Grid

Dec 01, 2020

Tidal energy developer Minesto said Tuesday it has delivered the first tidal energy produced electricity to the Faroese grid.'As a part of the ongoing commissioning work of its DG100 tidal kite system Vestmannasund, Faroe Islands, [...] Minesto…

Atlantis' Tidal Turbine Project Moves to Manufacturing Phase

Nov 09, 2020

Tidal energy developer Atlantis, with its partner Asturfeito SAU, has said that the two companies' variable pitch system for tidal turbine generators project (VPSTTG), aimed at reducing has been given the green light to proceed to the manufacturing stage…

Canada Invests in Its First Floating Tidal Energy Array

Nov 06, 2020

Canada on Thursday announced one of its largest-ever investments in tidal energy — $28.5 million to Sustainable Marine in Nova Scotia to deliver Canada's first floating tidal energy array.Sustainable Marine has developed a floating tidal energy…

Tocardo Buys 1.25MW Tidal Power Plant

Oct 13, 2020

Dutch tidal power specialist Tocardo has agreed to buy the 1.25MW Oosterschelde Tidal Power Plant, dubbed the largest tidal array in the world. . The plant is installed on the Dutch Oosterscheldekering surge barrier.The Oosterschelde Tidal Power Plant consists of five T-2 tidal turbines…

Black & Veatch Helping Orbital Reduce Floating Tidal Turbine Costs

Jul 07, 2020

Floating tidal stream turbine developer Orbital Marine Power has appointed Black & Veatch as Lead Engineering Partner to support technology optimization and cost reduction engineering under the company’s €5m R&D program.Supported by the INTERREG France (Channel) England TIGER project…

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