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Seatooth enables wireless SCM

OE Staff Tuesday, 15 December 2015 18:46

WFS Technologies demonstrated a wirelessly-enabled OneSubsea Subsea Control Module (SCM) at a recent demonstration at NASAs Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL) using Seatooth enabled subsea wireless radio products in conjunction with a Seatooth PipeLogger network system and viewed in real time using a Seatooth Video unit.

The wireless sensor network comprising two Seatooth PipeLoggers and a Seatooth controller unit was deployed with one Seatooth PipeLogger measuring the temperature of a jumper, and the second transmitting temperature data from a ‘buried’ location.  The Seatooth Controller unit used a wireless RS232 module to integrate with the OneSubsea SCM to provide real time data monitoring and control.  The OneSubsea SCM was Seatooth Video enabled using a Seatooth wireless ethernet bridge and the video data transmitted provided real time video streaming through water of the Seatooth PipeLogger demonstration. 

Each WFS Technologies Seatooth PipeLogger unit houses two temperature sensors: one measures core temperature of the pipe and the other measures surrounding seawater temperature.   The Seatooth PipeLogger can be attached to a pipe using magnetic clamps in a matter of minutes and removed without difficulty. 

In addition, the Seatooth PipeLogger systems are integrated with Seatooth Ensure, WFS’s proprietary battery management system technology which enables the battery life of deployed subsea assets to be extended to up to 15 years.  

“WFS battery management technology is potentially game changing for the subsea industry.  It creates the possibility that sensors can be installed subsea to monitor assets for a number of years without the need for expensive ROV intervention,” said Paul Tooms, advisory board member at WFS Technologies and former chief engineer at BP. “Combined with the ability to retrieve data wirelessly, this would have great implications for monitoring long term issues such as fatigue or corrosion defects.”

Image: Seatooth PipeLogger/WFS Technologies


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