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Greenfields, SOCAR to jointly drill at Bahar

OE Staff Tuesday, 05 December 2017 15:01

Greenfields Petroleum subsidiary Bahar Energy Operating Company (BEOC) and SOCAR Complex Drilling Works Trust (SDT), a subsidiary of the State Oil Company of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SOCAR), have signed a memorandum of understanding to drill deep gas wells in the Bahar gas field offshore Azerbaijan.

BEOC has identified locations to potentially reestablish gas production from the deep NKP reservoir of the Bahar gas field. Prior to 1988, 12 wells were drilled to the NKP reservoir of Bahar. These wells produced a total of 113 Bcf of natural gas and average aggregate production of 12 MMcf/d before being abandoned to uphole zones. None of these wells are available today to reestablish production, so new wells must be drilled. BEOC estimates the NKP reservoir contains over 200 Bcf of remaining gas.

SOCAR has been very successful in drilling deep gas wells in the Bulla Deniz offshore gas field in Azerbaijan, most recently with Well No. 78, which was drilled and completed this year and is producing at initial rates of approximately 17 MMcf/d of gas and almost 1000 bo/d of condensate, Greenfields said in a 5 December press statement.

BEOC and SDT will jointly inspect the refurbished offshore BH 196 platform to ensure that safe drilling operations can be carried out to international standards. SDT will prepare the design and drilling plan for the deep wells and the parties will select drilling locations for deep wells of up to 18,000ft of true vertical depth. Production facilities and flowlines are already in place to handle the additional gas production and BEOC has procured some of the drilling tangibles for the initial wells, including casing, tubing and wellheads.

Both companies expect to propose final plans early in 2018 to support the development drilling in Bahar later in the year.

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