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NEL offers high capacity testing

By  OE Staff Thursday, 16 June 2016 14:52

NEL has completed the latest upgrade phase of its wet gas test facility, in response to increasing industry demand. The upgraded facility has been designed to more accurately simulate the increased flowrates experienced during production and processing.  

The UK facility can now achieve dry gas flowrates exceeding 2000cu m/hour, with simultaneous water and oil injection rates each of 90cu m/hour. These flowrates in pressures up to 63 bar mean that the facility can better simulate the conditions experienced in the field. 

“This upgrade enables us to meet our customers’ growing demand to test meters in high pressure gas flows, and with water and oil liquid loading simultaneously,” said Phil Mark, group manager for testing services at NEL. “The increased flow rates mean that wet gas flow meter manufacturers will be able to test larger meters than they have in the past. The facility will also be of interest to operators that are looking for independent validation and calibration of flow meters before they are installed in the field.” 

Image: UK wet gas test facility/NEL

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