Oceaneering and GDi Team Up for Oil and Gas Digital Asset Management

© Elnur / Adobe Stock
© Elnur / Adobe Stock

Oceaneering International has signed a strategic collaboration agreement with Global Design Innovation (GDi) to deliver digital asset management solutions for asset-intensive industries such as oil and gas, utilities, and power generation. 

The agreement Oceaneering signed through its Integrity Management and Digital Solutions group will allow the company to provide digital solutions, including a technology-focused approach to remote support, inspection, and digital asset management services.

As part of the collaboration agreement, Oceaneering will utilize GDi’s Vision software solution for streamlining inspection processes.

This technology allows remote assessment of external conditions, eliminating the necessity for frequent on-site physical inspections.

By leveraging this remote assessment method, Oceaneering aims to optimize personnel presence on-site, leading to cost savings and enhanced operational efficiency.

“The oil and gas industry faces a significant challenge with growing inspection backlogs and limited resources to keep up with the demand. We are pleased to collaborate with GDi to introduce a new operational model aimed at reducing these backlogs.

“GDi’s offerings complement our existing Inform software suite, enabling us to deliver a comprehensive lifecycle solution for digital asset management,” said Leo Granato, Senior Vice President - IMDS, Oceaneering.

“GDi look forward to collaborating with Oceaneering to deliver our combined digital asset management solutions. Both companies are fully aligned in the view that digital technology shall play a critical role in the transformation and sustainability of asset heavy industries.

“Working together will generate significant benefits to our clients and deliver a transformative, end-to-end digital offering, to accelerate and better inform integrity-management decisions,” added Gareth McIntyre, Director at GDi, an Aberdeen-headquartered technology and engineering services provider.

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