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Dynamic nets TLP installation job

OE Staff Wednesday, 03 January 2018 09:15

Louisiana based fabrication and services frim Dynamic Industries has been awarded a hookup contract for a new tension leg platform (TLP), to be installed early 2018, via its services division, Dynamic Construction Services (DCS).

DCS will supply site supervision and craft labor to bring the TLP from installation to production.  Services to be provided include project management, fitting/welding, scaffolding, coatings, insulation, and rigging. At completion, the TLP will have a capacity of 75,000 b/d and 25 MMcf/d.

DCS didn't name the project. Chevron's Big Foot TLP project, which has 75,000 b/d and 25 MMcf/d capacity, is due to sailaway from Ingleside, Texas, early 2018. Once in position, the extended tension-leg platform will be located 225mi (360km) south of New Orleans, Louisiana, in Walker Ridge 29 and will sit in about 5200ft (1584m) water depth. 

Big Foot has faced delays. Strong loop currents in the Gulf of plagued the field, which originally delayed Chevron from towing the platform to the site. Then, in June 2016, work to install the Big Foot TLP was suspended after nine of the 16 tendons lost buoyancy

Matt Oubre, President of DCS, said: "Dynamic has worked closely with our clients for nearly three decades performing hookup, maintenance, large scale brownfield and commissioning contracts in the US Gulf of Mexico and internationally. That experience makes us qualified to provide the excellence in safety and execution that our clients have come to expect from Dynamic Construction Services.”


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2018-10-18 02:40:52pm