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Shell, Petrobras ink pre-salt MoU

By  OE Staff Tuesday, 12 September 2017 13:22

Shell and Petrobras signed a five-year memorandum of understanding (MoU) last week to establish a long-term mutual collaboration in developing pre-salt fields in Brazil that will focus on sharing technical and cost-efficient solutions.

Libra operations. Image from Petrobras.

Shell said the company will benefit from technical solutions, contract management expertise and cost efficient initiatives Petrobras applies to Brazil’s pre- and post-salt projects.

The partnership will see Shell share with Petrobras its global deepwater experience, especially on cost efficiency efforts and use of technology, the company said. 

The MoU also involves sharing best practices and learnings on safety and governance management, technical and operational solutions, contract management, logistics, wells construction and air transportation safety.  

The document was signed by Shell CEO Ben Van Beurden and Petrobras CEO Pedro Parente, during a visit by Petrobras’ executives to the Shell headquarters.

“Competitive growth of deepwater resources remains key to our company’s strategy for decades to come, and we’re very pleased to advance the technical and operational benefits of our joint ventures with Petrobras in Brazil,” said Wael Sawan, executive VP, deepwater for Shell. “We’ve seen cost, safety, innovative thinking, and production growth evolve in a very positive way.  Preferred partnerships and shared expertise are core to that success.”

The agreement is valid for five years and can be renewed. Shell is a strategic partner of Petrobras in the pre-salt, with minority interests in the Libra and Lula fields and other important areas such as Sapinhoá, Lapa, and Iara, all of which are in Santos Basin.

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