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GE upgrades ProSolv wax inhibitor

OE Staff Thursday, 27 April 2017 16:22

GE has upgraded its ProSolv WI8581 wax inhibitor for offshore and onshore oil and gas production. Wax inhibitors help producers maintain an uninterrupted flow of crude oil. GE's upgraded product is highly concentrated and winterized to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

GE’s ProSolv WI8581 wax inhibitor is designed to reduce the pour point of waxy crude, which reduces wax deposits and helps diminish the need for heat-insulated lines and pigging. It is winterized to less than -40°F (-40°C), so that it can be applied during temperature extremes and has pumpability during harsh winter environments without any special handling or containment. It is also highly concentrated and reduces the chemical storage footprint and minimizes logistical issues. 

The upgraded wax inhibitor is a non-aromatic solvent based carrier fluid. The reduction in solvents is safer and has no volatile organic compounds. GE’s ProSolv WI8581 wax inhibitor is a microemulsion, which allows it to be concentrated for easier handling.

“Wax is a valuable component of crude oil and to improve flow assurance, wax needs to remain in solution and get to the refinery,” said Amy Ericson, global leader, chemical and monitoring solutions, GE Water & Process Technologies. “[GE’s ProSolv WI8581 wax inhibitor] will improve production and flow assurance and protect pipelines.”

Image: ProSolv WI8581 wax inhibitor top has improved stability compared to the traditional available chemistry bottom at the same activity/GE

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