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PSW deploys Norwegian capping stack

By  OE Staff Friday, 29 September 2017 08:03

Norway's PSW Group mobilized and deployed a new capping stack in Fensfjorden, north of Bergen.

The deployment, with Wellesley Petroleum, demonstrated PSW's ability to immediately respond to a well control incident. 

Wellesley tested the mobilization and deployment procesures for the stack in preparation for the company's first operated well on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, the Goanna well, which was commercially unsucessful.

This included the ability to cap the well within a 72-hour target. The exercise tested the capping stack and deployment team, as well as the associated support systems in Wellesley and Well Expertise incident teams.

“The capping stack deployment exercise with our Well Incident Team has increased our knowledge and confidence to react in a well control situation. We are very pleased with the collaborative efforts from all concerned” says Callum Smyth, Country Manager at Wellesley.

The capping stack is stored at the PSW Group facilties at Mongstad and has a 24/7 duty team available.

“Our capping stack can be ready at Mongstad quayside within 24 hours of notification. We have the facilities, tools and personnel to maintain, test and mobilize the stack, as well as deploy and install on the relevant well,” says Oddbjørn Haukøy, CEO of PSW Group.

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