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Malfunction stops production at Tamar

By  Monday, 25 September 2017 13:54

Production at Noble Energy’s Tamar platform offshore Israel has come to a stop after a crack was found in an emission pipe used to release natural gas and pressure, according to partner Delek Drilling.

The Tamar platform. Image from Delek.

Noble was performing upgrade and improvement as planned, when the crack was found in the pipe, which is used routinely and in emergencies. Production was stopped on 21 September.

According to the Delek Group, Noble ensured that there were no safety or environmental exposure of the gas.

Noble is currently repairing the crack, and expects to complete work and have natural gas from the Tamar reservoir back in operation “during the coming week.”

“In the company’s estimation, the decline in the supply of natural gas from the date of cessation of the flow of natural gas until the expected date of repair of the malfunction is expected to amount to about 0.1 Bcm (100%), reflecting a decrease of approximately US$3.5 million in the partnership’s revenues from the sale of natural gas,” Delek Group said.

Noble Energy Mediterranean is the operator of the Tamar project with 32.5% stake. Partners include:  Isramco Negev 2 (28.75%), Delek Drilling (22%), Tamar Petroleum( 9.25%), Dor Gas Exploration (4%), and Everest Infrastructures (3.5%).

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