Saipem Crew in Isolation after COVID-19 Case on Pipelaying Vessel

File Photo; Saipem FDS Vessel - Image by Juan J.Diaz Cantizano
File Photo; Saipem FDS Vessel - Image by Juan J.Diaz Cantizano

Several crewmembers aboard Saipem's offshore vessel FDS in a port in the Netherlands have been placed in isolation after a confirmed COVID-19 case aboard.

As reported by Saipem last Friday, one crewmember on the pipelayer was disembarked and transferred to isolation after he was confirmed positive.

Responding to Offshore Engineer's requests on how many people were tested, and how many were on board the vessel, Saipem said: "Only one colleague was tested, disembarked and placed in quarantine as he had significant symptoms (high fever and suspected pneumonia). 

"In compliance with local health laws, tests are performed only in the presence of severe symptoms. Local authorities do not carry out on-board tests but advise to put in isolation people who have been in close contact with infected people or who present symptoms attributable to COVID-19," Saipem said.

According to Saipem, 14 crewmembers have been placed in isolation.

The 163 meters long FDS vessel is currently docked in the Port of Rotterdam. The vessel, built by Samsung Heavy Industries in 2000, can accommodate a crew of up to 245 people.

To remind, Saipem last Friday said that a crewmember had died unexpectedly aboard the vessel, but explained that the death occurred "due to natural causes" not related to coronavirus. Saipem told Offshore Engineer that the crewmember was a 54-year-old Filipino man.

Further, Offshore Engineer asked Saipem what the modus operandi was for other vessels, rigs, and crews in Saipem's global fleet, from the COVID-19 standpoint?

"The modus operandi is: quarantine before boarding on all vessels and rigs, isolation in the event of symptoms attributable to COVID-19, [and] constant and continuous contacts with Saipem crisis unit," Saipem said.

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