Teledyne releases Klein side-scan/bathymetry module

Teledyne Gavia, manufacturer of the Gavia autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), has released a side scan/bathymetry module that incorporates US-based Klein Marine Systems’ UUV-3500 high-resolution side scan sonar with optional bathymetry sonar. The system is another option for customers interested in utilizing the Gavia AUV for geophysical survey, cable and pipeline survey, environmental survey, and under ice survey, as well as mine countermeasures, rapid environmental assessment, and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance surveys.

Equipping the Gavia AUV with the survey-grade long range side scan from Klein Marine Systems creates a mobile survey platform designed with high quality side scan range and resolution. The swath bathymetry option allows for wide swath performance which is typically ten to twelve times the overall altitude of the AUV. The module allows customers to have both side scan and swath bathymetry from a single module. The first delivery of the Klein UUV 3500 Module will occur in Q1 2017 and is integrated with the SeeByte Autotracker software for autonomous pipeline tracking. The Gavia AUV can also be equipped with a camera and strobe system for close inspection of any targets identified by the sonar system. 

 “The Gavia AUV’s accurate navigation capability combined with the long range, wide swath data provided by the Klein UUV-3500, make this a highly efficient solution for a variety of commercial, military, and scientific applications,” said Arnar Steingrimsson, global head of sales – AUVs, Teledyne Marine. “Geophysical surveys can also be conducted by adding the swath bathymetry option, Teledyne Benthos sub-bottom profiler module, and environmental sensors.”

In addition to the release of the Klein sonar module, Teledyne Gavia has recently released two other significant upgrades to its vehicle: the upgraded Gavia battery module has more than a 20% increase in capacity, due to a partnership with Teledyne Energy Systems, and a high efficiency power management system was developed by Teledyne Gavia to optimize the performance of the batteries.; an improved nozzle actuator which increases the volume of compensation to better deal with deepwater operations and temperature variations. 

These three enhancements are designed to increase the reliability, efficiency and performance of the Gavia AUV system. 

The Gavia AUV can carry an array of sensors and custom payload modules to a survey site in up to 1000m water depth for research, monitoring, survey or surveillance tasks.  Teledyne Gavia supplies AUV systems to the oil and gas sector, oceanographic and environmental research institutes, and to the defense sector. 

Image: Gavia AUV/Teledyne Maritime

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