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Saipem completes Innovator 2.0 sea trials

By  OE Staff Wednesday, 21 December 2016 18:58

Saipem has successfully completed sea trials of its new remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), the Innovator 2.0, and has obtained a declaration of compliance with Norsok U102 standards, as well as DNV GL certification.  

Innovator 2.0, a heavy work class ROV designed for an average life expectancy of over 15 years, is the result of three years of design and testing. On the sea surface, the ergonomics of the console and the human machine interface (HMI) have been redesigned to make the work of pilots less demanding and as efficient as possible. Surface equipment has also been designed for installation in a dedicated control room or a container, making the entire Innovator system transportable by land, sea or air.

The ROV is equipped with a 6600V power supply, which allows it to operate effectively with cable lengths up to and over 7000m, and the umbilical cable and tether have been redesigned to transmit the ship's on-board power to the subsea vehicle. At the same time, the TMS (Tether Management System), which in its base configuration can handle 1100m of tether, has been optimized for robustness and weight, and to simplify maintenance work.  

The designed also includes a new electrical motor that can provide 210hp which, combined with a high efficiency of the propulsion system, can provide a bollard pull of 1100kg in each direction, a maximum speed of 3.5 knots and the ability to lift a weight of over 600kg hooked to the front part of the frame (values certified by DNV GL). 

The electronic control unit, for the most part designed and built by Saipem especially for the Innovator 2.0, is capable of resisting high pressures and temperatures. In addition, a high degree of flexibility is provided by an array of auxiliary instruments that can be attached to the ROV, enabling a further extension of the vehicle’s capacities and uses. The control system, which runs the ROV’s propulsion plant, was also completely developed by Saipem. 

ROVs are of vital importance to Saipem’s subsea operations. Indeed, the company uses its proprietary ROVs to construct and maintain oil fields, including in ultra deepwaters, to monitor the seabed and to gather the data necessary for the design of oil fields or subsea pipelines.

Image: Innovator 2.0/Saipem

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