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Aker BP submits three PDOs

OE Staff Friday, 15 December 2017 08:35

Norwegian operator Aker BP has submitted three plans for development and operations to the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy for projects on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. 

Aker BP is planning to develop Valhall Flank West, Ærfugl (formerly Snadd) and Skogul (formerly Storklakken, illustrated right). 

Aker BP says it has reduced costs on each project, since original estimates. For the Ærfugl field - a tieback to the Skarv FPSO, which will include Snadd Outer, costs are estimated at US$1.03 billion (NOK8.5 billion) – a reduction of about $240 million (NOK2 billion) compared to previously communicated estimates – while recoverable reserves have increased substantially.

Valhall Flank West will be developed from a new normally unmanned installation (NUI), tied back to the Valhall field centre for processing and export. For the Valhall Flank West development, total investments are now estimated to $660 million (NOK5.5 billion), which also represents a reduction of more than $180 million (NOK1.5 billion) compared to previous estimates. 

The smaller Skogul project, which is a subsea tieback to the Alvheim FPSO via Vilje, is estimated to cost $180 million (NOK1.5 billion). 

CEO Karl Johnny Hersvik said: “The Valhall Flank West, Ærfugl and Skogul developments will substantially strengthen Aker BP’s reserves and production from our operated field centres at Valhall, Skarv and Alvheim.”


The Ærfugl field, including Snadd Outer, is a gas condensate field, nearly 60km-long and just 2-3km wide, close to Aker BP's Skarv FPSO, about 210km off Norway. 

Full field development will be in two phases, the phase comprising three new production wells in the southern part of the field tied into the Skarv FPSO via a trace heated pipe-in-pipe flowline, in addition to the existing A-1 H well. Production is due to start in late 2020. 

The second phase is being matured, but has a reference case comprising two additional wells in the northern part of the field and one in Snadd Outer, also tied into the Skarv FPSO, with an estimated start-up in late 2023. Alternatives will be looked at to select an optimized concept, says Aker BP.

The total remaining reserves for the full-field development are estimated at about 275 MMboe. Subsea 7 has a subsea umbilical, risers and flowline (SURF) contract for Phase 1, with Aker Solutions supplying the subsea production system (SPS).

Joint Venture partners in Ærfugl are Aker BP (operator, 23.835%), Statoil (36.165%), DEA Norge (28.0825%) and PGNiG (11.9175%). Partners in Snadd Outer (PL 212 E) are Aker BP (operator, 30%), Statoil (30%), DEA Norge (25%) and PGNiG (15%).


Valhall Flank West is an oil field in the southern part of the Norwegian sector in the North Sea. The Valhall Flank West project will tap the Tor formation in Valhall on the western flank of the field, with startup planned for Q4 2019.

Valhall Flank West is being developed using a 12-slot, fully electrified, remote-operated normally unmanned installation with a helideck, tied back to the Valhall field centre.

Six production wells are planned with options to convert two of them into water injectors. Subsea 7 has been awarded an EPCI contact on Valhall Flank West, comprising a 4km tie-back to the Valhall Centre including an umbilical and riser system. Offshore operations will start in 2018, with completion in 2019.

Aker Solutions is to provide umbilicals and detailed engineering of the topside for a normally unmanned installation (NUI) for Valhall Flank West, which will be tied back to the Valhall field center. Kvaerner will construct the jacket and topsides.

Recoverable reserves for Valhall Flank West are estimated to be around 60 MMboe. Joint venture owners in Valhall are Aker BP (35.95%) and Hess Norge (64.05%).


Skogul will be developed as a tieback to the Alvheim FPSO, which is 30km south, via Vilje. Recoverable reserves are estimated to around 10 MMboe with production due to start in Q1 2020. Joint venture partners in Skogul are Aker BP (operator 65%) and PGNiG Upstream Norway (35%).

Aker Solutions will deliver two subsea manifolds, a controls system and umbilicals for Skogul, which will be tied back to the North Sea Alvheim field. 

Subsea 7 has an EPCI contract for the long-distance tie-back of Skogul to the Alvheim FPSO via Vilje South field, using pipe-in-pipe technology. Project management and engineering will start immediately with offshore operations scheduled in 2019, says Subsea 7.

Images from Aker BP. 

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