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Seadrill wins ABS MPD notation

OE Staff Friday, 27 October 2017 17:12

Class society ABS issued a managed pressure drilling (MPD) notation to Seadrill’s West Capella ultra-deepwater drillship for demonstrating system compliance with the ABS Guide for Classification and Certification of Managed Pressure Drilling Systems Guide.

“As the industry drills in ever more complex and challenging environments it is essential to integrate MPD technology with existing systems – safely – to improve efficiency and effectiveness,” said Kenneth Richardson, ABS executive vice president, Global Offshore. “ABS worked closely with Seadrill and equipment manufacturers, verifying MPD systems and equipment met design and safety criteria outlined in the ABS guide.”

“Seadrill is excited to be the first to achieve the ABS MPD Notation. It was a team effort working in collaboration with ABS and our MPD technology providers,” said Seadrill Chief Operating Officer Leif Nelson. “Gaining this distinction demonstrates our readiness to drill safely in the difficult pressure regimes in deep water reservoirs.”

The recently issued ABS MPD Guide was developed with extensive review from many industry stakeholders including operators, drilling contractors, original equipment manufacturers and regulatory agencies, and incorporated lessons learned implementing MPD systems on multiple rigs, helping reduce the chance of incidents, enhance overall system reliability, and promote global safety.

Image from Seadrill.

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