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BHP spuds Wildling-2 in GoM

By  Wednesday, 26 April 2017 15:55

BHP Billiton spudded the Wildling-2 ultra deepwater well in the Gulf of Mexico earlier this month, and plans to spud the nearby Scimitar wildcat in September.

Image from BHP.

The Australian company encountered mechanical difficulty at the Wildling-1 well, and had to plug and abandon it earlier this month, which led to BHP to spud Wildling-2. Drilling at Wildling-2 is currently underway, with results expected in September 2017.

BHP says that Wildling is expected to establish the scale of the Caicos oil discovery.

Wildling-1 is in Green Canyon 520 at 1230m water depth. It was spudded on 8 January.

In September, BHP will also spud the Scimitar exploration well in the Gulf of Mexico.

In its Q1 2017 report, BHP Billiton says it was the apparent high bidder on two leases adjacent to the Scimitar prospect (GC260 and GC304) in the Central Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale 247. BHP Billiton (28.32%), with BP (operator), was the apparent high bidder on two leases adjacent to the Mad Dog field (GC 738 and GC870). The award of the leases remain subject to regulatory approval.

During the period, BHP executed its contract with Mexico’s Pemex to acquire operatorship and 60% in Blocks AE-0092 and AE-0093 in the GoM, which contains the Trion discovery. The deal includes one appraisal well, one exploration well and the acquisition of additional seismic data.

Offshore Trinidad and Tobago, appraisal work continues following Phase 1 of the deepwater drilling campaign to assess the potential commercialization of the gas discovery at LeClerc and to prepare for deepwater oil exploration in Phase 2, which is expected to start in 2H 2018.

Off Australia, seismic work continued in the Exmouth sub-basin following regulatory approval of the Good Standing Agreement in relation to the WA-475-P permit. The seismic survey is expected to be completed during May 2017.

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