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Bibby completes Shell contract, wins a second

By  OE Staff Wednesday, 09 November 2016 10:19

Subsea services firm Bibby Offshore has completed one contract and has started a second for Shell on the major's Corrib gas field, offshore Ireland.

The first contract, completed in June , saw Bibby Offshore’s construction support vessel Olympic Ares - equipped with Quantum Work Class and SeaEye Cougar inspection class remote operated vehicles (ROVs) - perform subsea inspections on the field, 83km off the North West coast of Ireland, in ca.360km water depth.

The 40-day campaign involved pipeline survey inspection work on a 83km-long 20in gas pipeline, and internal wellhead and manifold fault diagnostics, structural inspection and cathodic protection measurements, to ensure optimum levels of productivity were achieved.

Shell then awarded Bibby a second contract, also using the Olympic Ares, equipped with two Quantum work class ROVs. 

The work involved a three-week campaign installing an electrical distribution unit and several replacement control jumpers, as well as inspection, repair and maintenance services in water depths of 400m.

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