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KBR's Energo wins BSEE TLP study

OE Staff Thursday, 12 October 2017 20:43

KBR subsidiary Energo Engineering has been awarded a guidance study contract by the US Bureau of Safety & Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) for the integrity management process of tension leg platforms (TLPs) in the US Gulf of Mexico.

As the TLPs in the Gulf of Mexico near their original design life, operators are looking to continue their service, creating challenges for regulators. Under the terms of the contract, Energo will address integrity management of TLP tendons with four critical areas of focus:

  1. tendon integrity management
  2. tendon life extension
  3. fatigue of “uninspectable” tendon components
  4. understanding the “uninspectable” tendon components

Energo say it will work with BSEE to build the framework for their assessments of tendon performance and their expectations for tendon integrity management. "This will be crucial to continuing the service of our region’s most productive and profitable energy assets," the company said.

“The award of this study exemplifies Energo’s commitment to safety and operational excellence as an industry leader in structural integrity management and advanced analysis,” said John Derbyshire, President, KBR Technology and Consulting.

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