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Delta SubSea, Zerlux sign laser technology MOU

By  OE Staff Wednesday, 10 June 2015 19:25

Delta SubSea signed a memorandum of understanding with Zerlux Hungary to intensify collaboration on laser based hydrate remediation technology. 

Laser based hydrate remediation technology uses “focused warming” to create a relief path for pressure equalization and chemical flow across the hydrate plug. Pressure equalization is extremely important during hydrate remediation operations, because depressurization can cause the hydrate plug to detach and move uncontrollably inside the pipeline, which can have catastrophic consequences. Similarly, laser based hydrate remediation can create a path for chemical flow across the hydrate plug. For hydrate remediation methods based on chemical inhibitors, this allows the media to attack the plug on multiple sides. 

The tool is based on a string of laser heads that apply thermal energy to the subsea structure. Depending on the application the string can be composed of several laser heads, from a few units for short sections up to 72 for long sections of pipeline. The string is mounted on a ROV deployable frame equipped with syntactic foam for buoyancy and thermal insulation. The tool clamps on the pipe with hydraulic cylinders, and is electro-hydraulically connected to the ROV. 

Image: Laser remediation/Delta SubSea

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