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CGG completes first phase of Perdido survey

By  OE Staff Thursday, 07 December 2017 13:58

Geoseismic firm CGG has acquired the first 38,000-line km of multi-client airborne gravity and magnetic survey over Mexico’s Perdido Fold Belt.  

This survey is the first of six areas to be acquired in a wider program totaling 200,000 line km across the Mexican Gulf of Mexico. Additional acquisition is planned in other areas next year.

The acquisition of data – carried out using a Basler geophysical survey aircraft - shows an interesting correlation of significant discoveries along the flanks of basement topography. The data and interpretation will help explorers map crystalline basement, which is not well imaged by seismic, to construct an improved Earth Model. The airborne survey also collected continuous data through the “transition zone” from the marine environment to onshore, CGG said in a 7 December press statement.

CGG’s in-house interpretation team in Houston handled data interpretation, combining this new data set with available geologic and geophysical data.

"The results of this first survey in our wider airborne GravMag program offshore Mexico reinforce our belief that this extensive new program, when combined with our other seismic, geologic and satellite multi-client data in Mexico, will give the industry access to a unique geoscience library to support the future exploration and economic development of this high-potential area,” said Greg Paleolog, senior vice president, multi-physics, CGG.


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