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Delmar unveils RAR Plus, MOORMax Releasable Mooring System

Written by  OE Staff Wednesday, 10 May 2017 15:02

Illustration of RAR Plus, from Delmar.

Delmar Systems unveiled the new RAR Plus and the MOORMax Releasable Mooring System. The RAR Plus is the next generation of Rig Anchor Release (RAR), adding key features such as a manual backup release method and increasing the ultimate and release load ratings.

In addition, the RAR Plus transmits both direct and indirect line tension measurements from internal sensors for real‐time display onboard the rig in a user-friendly graphical user interface.

The RAR Plus is a key component in the new Delmar MOOR‐Max Releasable Mooring System. The MOOR‐Max system provides a revolutionary mooring system for MODUs to avoid storms or improve rig move efficiency. It is the only mooring system that combines proven acoustic mooring release technology with efficient proprietary methods that come from over 40 years of rig move experience.

“The MOOR‐Max Releasable Mooring System and RAR Plus expand the capability of moored and DP/moored rigs to operate in mixed shallow and deepwater programs in areas with extreme environmental considerations,” says Delmar Systems Vice President of Engineering John Shelton. “Not only does the MOOR‐Max system allow rigs to significantly mitigate risk by evading cyclonic storms or ice floes, it also reduces critical path time when disconnecting rigs for transit to the next location.”

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