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France regroups for subsea success

Nov 23, 2012

The need to help small companies in a French offshore industry that has always punched above its weight was a key factor behind the recent amalgamation of the country’s leading oil & gas trade bodies. Meg Chesshyre reviews this and other talking points at the latest Subsea Europe gathering in Paris…

Measuring up to the compliance challenge

Nov 20, 2012

With integrity rising up the pipeline operators’ safety agenda, the search is on for new technologies and best practice to enable compliance and smarter ways of managing the maintenance of these vast infrastructures on and offshore. Tony Holliday…

Armadillo goes offshore

Nov 10, 2012

While onshore field hands in the southern US have likely seen many armadillos around oilfields, Flexlife is responsible for deploying the Armadillo offshore. In this case, however, it’s not the quirky-looking animal with an armor-like shell…

Finding pipeline flaws

Nov 10, 2012

Pipelines can suffer simultaneous flaws through the existence of cracks, corrosion and dents in the same location. When in-line inspection (ILI) technologies detect those flaws, it can be difficult and time consuming to identify which are coincident with each other…

Subsea Smarts

Nov 10, 2012

A subsea pipeline pressure isolation operation was completed by TDW Offshore Services in the Gulf of Mexico in 370ft of water against 870psig. The isolation enabled the safe and effective tie-in of a piggable wye to the Mississippi Canyon Gas Pipeline…

Products in action

Oct 25, 2012

Inside PazflorBelgian firm VRcontext International was recently contracted by Total E&P Angola to deliver a 3D immersive training simulator (ITS) for the Pazflor FPSO, to be anchored on one of Total’s largest offshore producing assets.The company’s…

Keeping pipe corrosion at bay

Oct 10, 2012

Ice floes are not the only threat to Arctic offshore infrastructure; pipework in the region is also extremely vulnerable to corrosion. Jennifer Pallanich discusses cold climate corrosion control techniques with NAC E International's Oliver Moghissi…

Glacier Energy Services

Sep 12, 2012

Glacier Energy Services has extended its oil & gas industry offering with the acquisition of UK pipe cutting and preparation services provider Site Machining Services. The acquisition is Glacier’s first since its formation around last year’s management buyout of MB Oil & Gas.

Thermal insulation: pushing the limits

Jul 01, 2012

Subsea thermal insulation has an important role to play in ensuring the smooth running of offshore facilities as the industry moves into deeper waters and fluids get warmer. Trelleborg Offshore's Grethe Hartviksen argues that innovative synthetic…

Morgrip to the rescue

May 27, 2012

Joint integrity specialist Hydratight employed a Morgrip connector to repair a damaged super duplex pipe located within the constrained space of a Troll C subsea manifold off Norway. The company was called in by Statoil when it was discovered…

Plumbing the depths

Apr 01, 2012

We are moving away from being subsea plumbers into people who are deeply integrated into the full value chain of the subsea production system,’ Peter Blake, subsea systems manager with Chevron Technology Company, told Subsea 2012 attendees. In the past…

Cold cure for piping connections

Mar 03, 2012

There is growing interest in ‘cold based’ operations which dispense completely with the gases, ignition sources, flames and hot work associated with welding for piping repair construction, modification and tie-in work, especially on ageing offshore infrastructure…

Tenaris and CRC-Evans

Mar 03, 2012

Tenaris and CRC-Evans have entered into a commercial agreement to offer an integral package of tubular line pipe and welding technologies for offshore operations. The deal follows the technical cooperation agreement signed early last year, which…

Cold cure for piping connections

Mar 01, 2012

There is growing interest in ‘cold based' operations which dispense completely with the gases, ignition sources, flames and hot work associated with welding for piping repair construction, modification and tie-in work, especially on ageing offshore infrastructure…

Handling the heat subsea

Mar 01, 2012

Subsea hot tapping specialist TD Williamson has been called upon lately to assist with a number of Southeast Asian gas line tie-ins without recourse to costly and disruptive production shutdowns. TDW's Bancha Pitayagulsarn and Ray Foster discuss the planning and successful execution of these jobs…

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