Floating Wind Farm Set to Power O&G Platforms Gets Onshore Planning Approval

Thursday, April 4, 2024

Offshore wind developers Flotation Energy and Vårgrønn, a joint venture between Eni’s Plenitude and HitecVision, have announced that their 560 MW floating offshore wind project Green Volt has been granted full onshore planning approval.

The Green Volt floating wind farm, located offshore Scotland, will deliver electricity to oil and gas platforms, replacing power currently generated by gas and diesel turbines. It will also provide electricity to the UK power grid.

Green Volt is 50% owned by Flotation Energy and 50% by Vårgrønn, and according to developers, the onshore planning approval marks a significant milestone in the ‘development of the most progressed commercial-scale floating wind farm in Europe’.

New Deer Cable Route (Credit: Vårgrønn)

“Green Volt is a highly ambitious project, designed for rapid deployment to provide significant support to the North Sea Transition Deal’s ambitions to cut offshore emissions by 2030.

“We are delighted to have reached the critical milestone of onshore consent and grateful to Aberdeenshire Council and other community members for engaging with and supporting our pioneering Green Volt project,” said Alex Quayle, Project Director at Flotation Energy.

As part of the North Sea Transition Deal, oil and gas operators have agreed to deliver 50% reduction in offshore greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

A new emission reduction plan published by North Sea Transition Authority in March 2024 places electrification of offshore platforms at the centre of emissions reductions.

"We are thrilled to achieve this important milestone in the development of our Green Volt project. By being execution-ready, Green Volt is uniquely positioned to kickstart a local supply chain for floating offshore wind in the UK and Europe. The opportunity for suppliers to get a first-mover advantage in a rapidly growing global market is now,” added Chris Hill, UK Managing Director at Vårgrønn.

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