Out with the Old, in with the New: Old Tyra Offshore Platforms 98.5% Reused & Recycled

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

The largest recycling project of offshore installations in Denmark’s history has been successfully completed, TotalEnergies Denmark has informed.

Namely, the company is the operator of the Tyra gas condensate field redevelopment project in the Danish North Sea.

Due to seabed subsidence, the Tyra field required a redevelopment, calling for the removal and decommissioning of the prior Tyra platforms, reuse, and a 13-meter extension of the existing jackets at six platforms, and the construction and installation of new topsides and a new processing platform, and a new accommodation platform.

In October, TotalEnergies said that it had completed the offshore installation works at the Tyra II field redevelopment project in the Danish North Sea. This was related to the installation of new facilities.

Now, on Tuesday, TotalEnergies said that the old platforms have been recycled.

"After 2.5 years of dismantling work on the old platforms and structures from the Tyra field in the Danish North Sea, 98.5% of the material has now been reused and recycled," TotalEnergies Denmark said.

The work was carried out at M.A.R.S. yard which has a 290,000 m2 recycling area at the Port of Frederikshavn, dubbed the world’s first recycling facility built for the purpose – recycling of jack-up rigs, ships and platforms.

Lars Bo Christiansen, Tyra Redevelopment Project Director Deputy for TotalEnergies EP Denmark: "A crucial part of the Tyra Redevelopment project was the removal and recycling of more than 50,000 tons of steel of the old Tyra, or an equivalent of seven Eiffel Towers. We had to build many processes and guidelines from scratch as no regulations existed in Denmark by that time. However, now that we mark the successful conclusion of recycling, we are many experiences richer, and I’m sure that our Tyra case will contribute to a wealth of knowledge needed for future projects."

TotalEnergies said that it and the Danish Underground Consortium partners set high demands for the recycling yards and envisioned sustainability in all stages of the planning process. 

Examples, TotalEnergies said, include the requirements on how much was to be recycled from the platforms as well as specifications as to how the materials would be used. Tyra Removal  - ©TotalEnergies Denmark


Kim Thygesen, Director of M.A.R.S. Europe yard said. "We are proud that M.A.R.S. has been chosen for this exciting project with a focus on the old Tyra platforms being recycled in the most environmentally friendly way.

Our yard is built from scratch for that particular purpose, and therefore it has been possible to embed innovative solutions for safety, sustainability, and the environment. Our collaboration with the Port of Frederikshavn and the local authorities around the creation of the yard led to our modern and safe world-class facility and first set of exceptional recycling results."

According to the press statement released Tuesday, specially trained personnel have methodically removed and broken down the enormous platforms since they arrived in their original shape and form onshore, and ensured that all the material has either been directly reused or recycled.The old Tyra - after removal - ©TotalEnergies

Some parts of the platform will be reused in their original form. For example, a few of the generators are used again elsewhere. Other parts will be processed and traded on the international market as part of the circular economy. For instance, the steel from Tyra is remelted and can be reused for new construction projects and alike. 

However, not all materials are making a comeback in the industry. Some pipes and chains have been delivered to Frederikshavn Gymnasium, where they will be used for a maritime education project.

Other objects have been donated to the Fisheries and Maritime Museum in Esbjerg, where they are exhibited. Some medical equipment has been transported to the Ukraine, where the population can hopefully benefit from it, explains Jens Kloster, Tyra Redevelopment Decommissioning Manager for TotalEnergies EP Denmark.

"As the recycling of the old Tyra is coming to an end, the build-up of Tyra II is entering the final phase with all eight platforms successfully installed at the Danish North Sea. This means that all focus is now on completing and powering up the installed platforms and reconnecting them to the existing North Sea infrastructure towards first gas from Tyra II in the winter season 2023/24," TotalEnergies said.

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