C6 Technologies starts ComTrac field trials

OE Staff
Friday, April 21, 2017

C6 Technologies, an oilfield technology company offering new solutions for well intervention and conveyance utilizing composite materials, is performing field trials on its new ComTrac system after extensive test well runs.  

C6 Technologies – a joint venture by Archer Ltd. and IKM Group – currently has one ComTrac package onshore in the Middle East and another operated by Archer offshore in the North Sea, with several runs completed and further operations planned.

A ComTrac system package comprises a reel of a spoolable 12 mm diameter semi-stiff carbon composite rod with internal electrical conductors (up to 10 km in length), a control/spooling unit, and an injector unit and head that pushes or pulls the rod into or out of a well and provides well pressure control. 

The ComTrac system has several advantages over common intervention methods due to its unique features that include a low friction factor, the high tensile strength, and the capability of power and signal communication with downhole strings of the composite rod, coupled with the ability to enter pressured wells and the flexible constant-tension surface rig-up of the deployment system.

These features mean that the ComTrac system can provide logging, perforating, electro-mechanical intervention, and standard mechanical interventions in well depths and well conditions that other current rigless conveyance methods cannot. The surface deployment equipment features also remove the need for line-of-sight or sheave wheel rig ups and place the maximum tension point within the injector system, both to enhance operational safety.  

Finally, the design and specifications of the ComTrac system and components allow operation in offshore or onshore environments worldwide.

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