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Sea Trucks bags PIAM pipelay gig

Written by  OE Staff Tuesday, 05 July 2016 12:38

Enap Sipetrol Argentina has awarded Sea Trucks a contract for a pipelay construction project for the PIAM Project in the Magallanes Field, offshore Argentina.

The scope of work covers engineering, project management and installation of three pipelines of various sizes ranging from 6-14in, with one shore approach, as well as the installation of tie-in spools and risers. It also includes abandonment of two existing lines and recovery of flexibles. Water depths in the field are up to 70m. At the back of the installation campaign Sea Trucks has also been awarded an accommodation services contract.

Jascon 34, one of the group's DP3 pipelay construction and accommodation vessels, has been nominated for both scopes, demonstrating the advantage for our clients of the hybrid design configuration of our DP3 construction vessel fleet.

Offshore activities are scheduled to commence in Q4 2016.

"We are delighted that, in the present difficult market, Sea Trucks has been awarded this significant contract,” Jacques J. Roomans, Sea Trucks president said. “This award demonstrates our ability to offer clients a flexible and tailored project solution based around the clients requirement, our extensive track record and unique multi purpose DP3 assets."

Image of the Jascon 34, from Sea Trucks.

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