Weststar Orders Five Helicopters from Leonardo. Signs Sustainable Fuels MoU with Petronas


Weststar Aviation Services, a company providing offshore helicopter transportation services provider in Southeast Asia, has agreed to buy five AW139 helicopters from Leonardo. The companies have also signed the AW609 tiltrotor aircraft partnership agreement.

"This strategic collaboration demonstrates Weststar's strong commitment to exploring the diverse potential missions and roles of the AW609 aircraft. As part of this partnership, Leonardo will provide Weststar initial training and maintenance support, while both parties plan to conduct demonstration activities during the capability development phase," Weststar said.

"The AW609 is a groundbreaking aircraft that combines the vertical take-off and landing capabilities of a helicopter with the speed and range of a fixed-wing aircraft. Its unique tiltrotor technology enables seamless transitions between vertical and forward flight, making it ideal for a wide range
of applications including executive transport, emergency medical services, and offshore operations," Weststar added.


"Sustainable fuel"

Also, Weststar Aviation Services said it had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with PETRONAS, Malaysia’s national oil and gas company, which will serve as "a blueprint for collaboration between Weststar and other offshore helicopter operators in Malaysia, alongside PETRONAS, to drive the adoption of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) in offshore helicopter operations."

" This pioneering initiative underscores Weststar’s dedication to supporting environmental sustainability and reducing carbon emissions in the aviation industry," the company said.

According to Weststar, during a maritime and aerospace exhibition being held this week in Malaysia, the company, with Leonardo Helicopter Malaysia and PETRONAS, successfully integrated Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) into one of Weststar AW139 VIP helicopters, establishing Weststar as the first helicopter operator in the country to adopt SAF. 

"Sustainable aviation fuel is an eco-friendly alternative to conventional aviation fuel derived from renewable sources like biomass and waste. SAF provides several benefits for helicopter operators, including 80% reduction in carbon emissions compared to traditional jet fuel. It also improves fuel efficiency, resulting in lower operating costs for operators, and offers a higher energy density than regular jet fuel, allowing helicopters to travel longer distances with a single tank. SAF has gained widespread acceptance among helicopter operators worldwide and Weststar's adoption of SAF marks a significant milestone in sustainable aviation in Malaysia," Weststar said.

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