Lankhorst offers KOTUG's innovative KO-LINK towing ring

Netherlands' KOTUG International developed new Ko-LinkThe innovative KO-LINK towing ring, developed by international maritime service provider KOTUG International BV, is now available exclusively from maritime ropes supplier, Lankhorst Ropes, under a worldwide marketing agreement. The KO-LINK ring significantly increases synthetic towing line service life by preventing the HMPE pennant from cutting through the line.

KO-LINK is a highly polished, lightweight, aluminium ring, which is inserted and attached to the splice eye of the towline. The ring connects the main towline and the pennant in such a way that a controlled weak link is created, preventing towing-line overload. Moreover, the KO-LINK replaces the commonly used cow-hitch knot, which if poorly made can cause unequal loading on the eyes resulting in premature line failure.

Port Captain Bas van Hoorn, designer of the KO-LINK, said "The environmental friendly KO-LINK ring is light, simple and endlessly re-usable. Due to the all round edges, the ring creates a very favorable bending radius, increasing the lifetime of the wires. The ring also creates the possibility to introduce a weak link in the towline configuration. This is something that the so-called “cow hitch” will never achieve."

As well as increasing towing line service life, the KO-LINK connection reduces the time required for rope operations, without compromising safety. In addition, the KO-LINK’s compact ring design allows it to be used without causing damage to the towing gear, tug’s winches and deck.

The KO-LINK can be used with all types of synthetic rope, and is available for rope diameters from 54mm to 189mm, covering the whole range of synthetic towing ropes.

“The KO-LINK is an important addition to the Lankhorst Ropes range and will allow operators to reduce the cost of towing operations. Lankhorst Ropes is committed to providing operators with high performance products backed by our comprehensive through life Technology and Rope Service package,” said Hans Pieter Baaij, commercial director, Lankhorst Ropes.

Commenting on the agreement with Lankhorst Ropes, Patrick Everts, general manager, Maritime Excellence Center, KOTUG International BV, said “The KO-LINK was developed with input from the KOTUG Captains and Superintendents as an all-round device to meet the needs of the KOTUG fleet. We are delighted that this simple, durable device will now reach a worldwide audience through Lankhorst Rope’s global presence in the maritime market.”

KOTUG International is based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It says Ko-Link was developed with the input of its Port Captains, Superintendents, and KST (Kooren Shipbuilding and Trading). It was unveiled at the ITS Tugnology Conference in Antwerp, Belgium, 18 May 2011.

Video: Ko-Link, the durable connection

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