mltech develops survey tech

mltech, pipework set-up and measurement software developer, has developed automet Lite, a pipe spool fabrication inspection system, which can be used without specialist training.

Used in conjunction with Leica iCON survey instruments, automet Lite has been designed for a range of markets, including the oil and gas, distilling and shipbuilding industries.

Operated by one person, the system removes the involvement of a third-party survey team and third-party software, as final graphical inspection reports are created integrally.

Visual cues and intelligent software have removed the requirement for hand controllers, giving operators the ability to perform checks at any stage. This can result in early detection of non-conformity, preventing expensive repairs that could impact on cost and delivery schedules at a later stage. 

The technology has also been developed to allow the fabricator to prove dimensional conformity using workshop personnel, and demonstrate an audit history that will satisfy the requirement of each client.

“The introduction of automet Lite is a significant step for mltech and demonstrates our commitment to producing innovative products to meet the needs of numerous industries,” said Mike Lloyd, managing director, mltech. “In a fabrication process that involves a third-party survey team, major overruns in cost and time are common. There is high demand for an accurate pipe spool fabrication inspection system to mitigate this, and the development of a new tool focusing in this area was essential. As a result, manufacturer productivity will also greatly increase, as the highly-skilled job of checking conformity can now be performed by a wide variety of personnel at each stage of fabrication.”

Image: Mike Lloyd/mltech

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