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Ashtead picks up CUI tool

Written by  OE Staff Monday, 27 March 2017 12:57

Ashtead Technology has expanded its equipment rental pool following a significant investment in the latest pulsed eddy current (PEC) technology to deliver asset integrity inspections. 

A provider of marine technology, non-destructive testing and subsea services, Ashtead will now supply the Eddyfi Lyft, an inspection tool for identifying corrosion under insulation (CUI), a major asset integrity issue for the oil and gas, and petrochemical sectors.

CUI is a type of corrosion that occurs as a result of a moisture build-up on the external surface of insulated equipment. The corrosion is most commonly galvanic, chloride, acidic, or alkaline, and if undetected, the consequences can lead to the shutdown of a process unit or an entire facility.

Lyft can be used to measure corrosion and wall thickness on insulated pipes without the need to remove insulation. It’s suitable for use on a number of materials including metal, aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized steel weather jackets, to provide real-time C-scan imaging, wall thickness measurements and fast data acquisition (up to 15 readings per second).

“CUI is one of the most difficult processes to prevent,” said Allan Pirie, chief executive, Ashtead Technology. “No matter the precautions taken, water invariably seeps into the insulation and corrosion occurs.  

“With traditional methods it was near on impossible to identify and measure the severity of corrosion without physically removing the insulation, however Eddyfi Lyft provides a fast, reliable and flexible solution.”

Headquartered in Québec, Canada, with offices in France, US, and the UAE, Eddyfi focuses on offering high-performance eddy current and electromagnetic solutions for the inspection of critical components and assets.

Image: Lyft pulsed eddy current technology/ Ashtead Technology

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