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Pemex oil production down, gas revenue up

By  Tuesday, 29 July 2014 19:31

Pemex E&P head, Gustavo Hernandez GarciaPetroleos Mexicanos, Mexico's national oil company, released 2Q 2014 financial results last Friday.

Total sales increased by $15.9 billion pesos (US$1.2 billion), which represented 4% growth year-over-year. The growth is primarily attributed to a 27.5% jump in natural gas sales, and part of the revenue increase can be attributed to the 14.1% increase in natural gas prices.

Oil production

Gustavo Hernández García, Pemex Exploration and Production's chief, said he expects the company's crude output this year to average 2.441MMbo/d, down 3% from the previous estimate of 2.52MMbo/d.

According to Mexican Energy Ministry data, this will be the lowest production in more than twenty years. Mexico's peak production was 3.38 MMbo/d in 2004, and dropped to 2.52MMbo/d in 2013.

Mexico is the world's 10th-largest crude producer and the third-largest oil exporter to the United States, behind Canada and Saudi Arabia, according to the US EIA. In the past decade, US crude oil imports from Mexico have fallen 47%, primarily as a result of declining crude oil production in Mexico.

Pemex also reported an $8.7 billion peso ($670million) decline in the value of its Burgos basin natural gas assets in northern Mexico.

Overall exports increased by 4.2%, due to a 20% increase in fuel oil exports that the Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) did not consume.

Photo at right of Gustavo Hernández García by Nina Rach.

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