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InterOcean offers oil spill monitoring service

By  OE Staff Tuesday, 14 March 2017 16:12

Detecting accidental oil releases on and around offshore rigs in real-time is crucial in today's offshore market. 

Offshore oil spill monitoring is now being offered as a service by InterOcean Systems, eliminating the need for facility owners and operators to purchase, install, operate, and maintain their own spill monitoring system. The Slick Sleuth Rig Guard Oil Spill Monitoring as a service allows owners and operators to focus on core production and operation activities, while at the same time providing them with the benefits and protection that come with a spill monitoring system.

The Slick Sleuth Rig Guard system detects oil on water using optical non‐contact sensor technology, which provides users critical early warning for immediate spill response and containment, reducing the risk of fines and cleanup costs. 

Image:Rig Guard/InterOcean Systems

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