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Salunda develops hand-help MudChecker

By  OE Staff Tuesday, 06 December 2016 17:32

Salunda Ltd. has designed its latest hand-held technology to provide rapid and consistent analysis of mud properties during drilling and completion of oil and gas wells. Offering an alternative to conventional retort and titration testing, MudChecker drilling mud analyzer is a battery powered electronic diagnostic device that measures the oil, water, solid and salt content of drilling fluids. 

Incorporating patented, sensitive radio-frequency technology, MudChecker is a compact, solid-state tester that can be quickly deployed on a drill site to provide data about the mud properties that are critical to fast, safe drilling.

MudChecker features an integral sensor probe that is designed to test a sample to provide real-time in-field measurement of mud fluid content quicker than alternative testing procedures. Results are quickly displayed on an integral LCD screen to indicate percentage oil, solid and water volumes.  It also records the oil/water ratio (OWR), oil/brine ratio (OBR) and water-phase salinity.  Control of these parameters can be critical for kick detection, as well avoiding wellbore collapse, resulting in equipment loss or damage, and non-productive time (NPT). 

The captured data can be quickly up-loaded via a USB interface to a supporting software program and can be exported for formal record keeping and reporting. 

MudChecker comes in a water and solvent resistant enclosure for improved onsite durability and features stainless steel probes. Salunda propriety software is available to log, export and print-out the results.

The analysis unit is supplied as part of a lightweight portable test kit, which includes a mains adapter with interchangeable European and US adapters, downloadable software and a selection of spare tubes, probes, syringes and proprietary sample mixtures.

Image: MudChecker/Salunda Ltd.

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