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Saudi Aramco awards Zuluf, Safaniya work

OE Staff Thursday, 09 November 2017 18:39

Saudi Aramco today (9 November) announced several contract awards, including three for fields in the Arabian Gulf offshore Saudi Arabia.

The company has awarded Jacobs Engineering an engineering and project management services contract for the offshore Zuluf field development program. The Zuluf program will provide facilities to process 600,000 barrels of oil per calender day (MBCD) of Arab heavy crude oil from Zuluf offshore field. The scope of work for Zuluf includes water injection and oil wellhead platforms, tie-in platforms, trunk lines and flowlines in addition to 600,000 MBCD onshore central processing facilities, which will contain a new gas/oil separation plant, gas compression facilities and new water injection plants. The stabilized crude oil will be transported to Ju’aymah terminal via new downstream pipelines. The separated gas and condensate streams will be transported to the proposed Tanajib gas plant via new pipelines.

Abu Dhabi-based National Petroleum Construction Company has received a two-year contract for the Safaniya field pipeline and truckline project. This project provides for the engineering, procurement, construction and Installation (EPCI) of one tie in platform (jacket and deck) to serve as an additional gathering hub for future oil wellhead platforms in Safaniya field. It will also provide an additional power supply for the Safaniya field via 20 km of subsea cable. Also, the project will install 30” x 25.5 km long concrete weight coated trunk line (TL), 14 pipeline between the new TP-21 and the onshore Safaniya GOSP-1.

Saudi Aramco also has awarded McDermott International subsidiary McDermott Middle East (Dubai) a three-year contract for the slipover platforms and electrical distribution platform project at Safaniyah. The project provides for EPCI of 10 new slipover platforms in the South Safaniya field. This project is designed to enhance the production of crude oil in the Safaniyah field. The project will also install a new electrical distribution platform, which will serve as an offshore power substation, and will supply the 10 new slipover platforms with electricity to power the electrical submersible pumps on each facility.

“McDermott continues to receive considerable projects in the Middle East. This award signifies our long-standing position and strong relationships with our Middle East customers,” said Linh Austin, McDermott Vice President, Middle East and Caspian, in a 9 November press statement.

Work on the contract -- which McDermott is valued between US$750 million and US$1.5 billion -- is expected to begin immediately and will be reflected in McDermott’s fourth quarter 2017 backlog.

McDermott plans to use its engineering and procurement teams in DubaiChennai and Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. Construction is expected to take place at McDermott’s facilities in Dammam, Saudi Arabia and Jebel Ali, Dubai. Vessels from McDermott’s global fleet are scheduled to perform the installation work.

The contracts are among several agreement Saudi Aramco has announced today; the agreements are valued at a total of nearly $5 billion.

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