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OTC16: GE unveils SeaPrime and composite risers

By  OE Staff Tuesday, 03 May 2016 14:38

GE Oil & Gas is introducing a series of offshore solutions at this week's Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, aimed at increasing efficiencies and reducing costs. 

These include the SeaPrime I Subsea BOP Control System, which has been recognized with a 2016 Spotlight on New Technology award

The SeaPrime BOP Control System translates electrical controls from the surface to hydraulic controls subsea that operate Blowout Preventer (BOP) systems. Designed to operate as deep as 12,500ft below sea level, SeaPrime is the first fault-tolerant design with the ability to re-route hydraulic functions while remaining subsea, preventing costly stack pulls. This allows drilling contractors to continue drilling, reducing BOP downtime. 

“For example, if you have an issue with outlet 61, you isolate the hydraulic supply to de-energize the primary path used to get to that function on the BOP,” said Chuck Chauviere, drilling systems president, GE Oil & Gas. “Then, in the software architecture, another outlet on the pod is repurposed as 61, which reroutes the function to the new outlet. On the BOP control system itself, an ROV plugs a jumper hose to the repurposed outlet and connects it to the BOP function on the ROV override, or one of the pods. Once the jumper is installed, the system is up and running.”

By simplifying access to critical components, utilizing only two pods, leveraging smart redundancy and re-routing hydraulic functions within a POD, about 75% of the SeaPrime I system can tolerate a failure, which delivers three times more availability than existing systems without increasing maintenance. 

Next-generation Wellstream composite flexible risers are 30% lighter and reduce total installed costs by 20%. 

GE Oil & Gas’ Flexible Pipe business is undertaking a significant investment to develop and manufacture the next generation of flexible risers by utilizing composite technology to create a 30% lighter flexible pipe solution. Composite Flexible Pipe expands the reach of flexible risers and flowlines into deeper waters and more challenging environments while delivering a 20% saving on total installed cost.

This light-weight solution is a step-change as global offshore resources shift to more remote locations with extremely complex and demanding conditions. Flexible risers have been fundamental to the development and advancement of offshore exploration by enabling the widespread use of cost-efficient floating production units, enhancing the versatility of subsea layouts and providing benefits around installation and logistics plus effectively handling dynamic motion. 

GE Oil & Gas is helping to develop the standards and practices for the incorporation of carbon-fiber thermoplastic composites into flexible pipe. This development incorporates industry-wide collaboration on standards with certification agencies, joint industry projects and GE’s leading industrial network of Global Research Centers.

“The solutions we announced today showcase this industry’s level of laser focus in becoming more resilient, more efficient and in maximizing operations,” said Lorenzo Simonelli, GE Oil & Gas President and Chief Executive Officer. “We are exploring all possibilities and pulling ideas from many other industries across GE to provide our customers with a spectrum of innovative solutions to optimize offshore assets and operations, including the most advanced digital technologies available today.”

“Today’s industry is shifting from a focus on increasing production to one of maximizing productivity, lowering operating costs and maintaining operating flexibility,” added Simonelli. “Our customers want more for less and our new HPRC, flexible risers and SeaPrime BOP system deliver just that – more operational capability and flexibility for a lower cost using less space or lighter weight.” 

Image: SeaPrime I Subsea BOP Control System/OE Staff

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