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China's COVID Woes Are Pressuring Supply Chains

Jan 06, 2023

Declining world supply chain pressures are being challenged by new disruptions in China tied to the coronavirus pandemic, the New York Federal Reserve reported on Friday.The regional Fed bank's December Global Supply Chain Pressure Index ticked down to 1.18 from November's revised 1.23 reading. According to the report, supply chain pressures have been easing notably since the spring of last year and bottomed in September…

Malaysia Concerned About Disease in Australian Cattle

Aug 10, 2023

Malaysia has paused the import of all live cattle and buffalo from Australia citing concern about lumpy skin disease (LSD).The move follows a decision last month by Indonesia to halt live cattle imports from four locations in Australia after 13 cattle were found to have the disease…

How Cross-docking and Drayage Add Value to Shipping Operations

Feb 28, 2023

Cross-docking and drayage are two powerful tools that can revolutionize your shipping operations. With their expanded benefits, including greater efficiency and cost savings, it's easy to understand why these services are becoming increasingly popular among businesses today…

The importance of an Outward Mindset in Project Management

Jul 15, 2022

Knowledge, skill, and experience form the foundation of a successful project. But with the right mindset on top of that, the project team can multiply the success. In this blog post, Tommi Virta teaches us about the impact of a project team’s mindset on the end result…

Hong Kong Using Cruise Terminal as COVID Facility

Feb 21, 2022

Hong Kong is in 'all-out combat' to contain a surge in coronavirus cases, the city's number two official said on Sunday, with the ramping up of community isolation and treatment units helped by mainland Chinese construction teams.Scenes of people…

Global Supply Pressures May Be Nearing Peak

Jan 05, 2022

The historically high pressures on global supply chain networks that have contributed to shortages of key goods and materials and a surge in inflation may have peaked, according to a new index released by the New York Federal Reserve on Tuesday…

White House Lauds Easing of Supply Chain Clogs, Cites Shipping Competition Concerns

Nov 18, 2021

The White House on Wednesday lauded improvements in clogged U.S. supply chains, with more goods moving than ever before, but said more work was needed to ensure fair competition in a global shipping sector dominated by three alliances of ocean carriers…

Opinion: Legislative Loophole Could Keep U.S. Offshore Wind Jones Act Fleet at Dock

Oct 08, 2020

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed the Expanding Access to Sustainable Energy Act of 2019, which enforces Jones Act requirements for all offshore renewable energy production. However, the bill's current language has the potential to create a loophole that would leave the U…

Alphabet Winds Down Makani

Feb 19, 2020

Alphabet, Google's parent company, announced that it is calling it quits on its efforts to build and monetize its Makani wind energy kites.Google acquired Makani, which developed airborne wind turbines and aimed to make wind energy more accessible and affordable…

Biggest Spenders of 2018

Dec 19, 2018

With less than a week until Christmas and most of our presents bought, we're feeling the pinch. However, that's nothing compared to the amount that some have been spending this year. VesselsValue's Senior Analyst Court Smith gives a rundown…

Boxships Buffeted by Competing Calamities

Jul 27, 2018

Overcapacity, Fleet Supply, Weakened Earnings, Consolidation – and now – fears of trade wars fuel further uncertainties for an already unsteady boxship climate. MLPro’s Barry Parker digs in to get to the bottom of all of it.The report season…

Better Times for Box Carriers Ahead?

Oct 10, 2017

In the choppy wake of the liner alliance reshuffle, industry consolidation and the (long awaited) boost from expanded Panama Canal traffic, a glimmer of hope appears.  The situation for the liner carriers has clearly improved since the doldrums of 2016…

Liberian Registry Launches Innovative Website

Feb 13, 2017

The Liberian Registry has further strengthened its industry-leading role for technological innovation by relaunching its website in an ultra-user-friendly format. Among other things, owners and managers of the 4,150-plus vessels in the Liberian…

LNG Floating Storage: A Passing Trend?

Jan 16, 2017

At the end of 2015, global LNG production was approximately 35 bcf/d. By 2019, global supply is set to increase by 40 percent with the U.S. and Australia planning to bring another 15 bcf/d online. However, traditional markets like Europe and…

Disney Wonder in Major Enhancements and Upgrades

Jun 03, 2016

Disney Cruise Line has announced that new entertainment and experiences will be added to Disney Wonder this fall when the ship goes into dry dock.  Following the fall Eastbound Panama Canal cruise, the Disney Wonder will set a course for Cadiz…

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Norway: OKEA's First Operated Offshore Development Starts Production

Norway: OKEA's First Operated Offshore Development Starts Production

Brunei Shell Petroleum Seeks Damages in Arbitration Against Sapura Fabrication, Sapura Offshore

Brunei Shell Petroleum Seeks Damages in Arbitration Against Sapura Fabrication, Sapura Offshore

Petrobras to Invest Some $300M to Drill Two Potiguar Basin Wells - Exec

Petrobras to Invest Some $300M to Drill Two Potiguar Basin Wells - Exec

Dyna-Mac to Construct FPSO Topsides for Unnamed Client

Dyna-Mac to Construct FPSO Topsides for Unnamed Client

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