Reygar’s DDPR System Installed on Windcat Workboats' Crew Transfer Vessels

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Windcat Workboats, a crew transfer vessel provider for the offshore wind industry, has installed Reygar’s Digital Daily Reporting System, Digital DPR, across its entire fleet of over 50 workboats.

"The Digital DPR (DDPR) app runs from a touchscreen tablet onboard and is simple and easy to use for busy workboat skippers. It dramatically reduces the administrative burden of daily progress reporting as well as improving report accuracy and timeliness," Reygar said.

Aaron Trebilcock, Master at Windcat Workboats, said: “DDPR saves a lot of time on what is otherwise a long and detailed task. The daily progress report is automatically generated and sent out at the end of the shift in a format that is simple to digest.” 

According to Reygar, its technology has been trialed on several of Windcat Workboats’ CTVs over the past 18 months. 

"Feedback from skippers and management was positive and fleet-wide rollout was completed in mid-October," Reygar said.

Reygar said that DDPR either works alongside Reygar’s BareFLEET vessel monitoring system, where installed, or runs as a standalone solution. 

The app can be customized to gather a wide variety of DPR data, including crew details, fuel and consumables use, various task types, transits, passenger transfers to turbines, and working hours data, the company said. According to Reygar, data input live from the vessel can be seen instantly in the cloud by shore staff, with users also able to access cloud-based KPI data.

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