Lukoil Develops Arctic-Friendly Oil Spill Kit

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Russian oil company Lukoil has been given state approval for its new absorbent and biotechnology-based oil spill response technologies for Arctic regions. 

Lukoil says the technologies, on which it has taken out nine patents, have been designed and successfully pilot tested specifically for marine and freshwater ecosystems of the Arctic region. 

They contain specific strains of microorganisms that can be used in the Arctic regions, where application of conventional oil containment and skimming techniques is hindered by the harsh environment, says the firm.

"Lukoil's new development implies the use of special biologicals for marine, fresh and mesohalobiotic environments. These biologicals do not form any toxic compounds in air or water, and no harmful substances are used to produce them," says the firm. "With the ability to treat contaminated areas out of easy reach in extremely low temperatures, they are best suited for the environment of the Arctic and the Atlantic Oceans."

The new technology complies with Lukoil's biodiversity preservation plan, developed at the instruction of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on safe development of the Arctic region.

Russia's State Expert Review Agency approved Lukoil's use of the technology. 

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