Tendeka makes next step in wireless completion tech

OE Staff
Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tendeka has launched PulseEight, its latest advance in wireless intelligent completion technology for the digital oilfield.

Tendeka’s PulseEight system uses unique pressure pulse telemetry to channel wireless communication between a well’s downhole monitoring and control system and the wellhead. Previously, Tendeka installed several wireless pressure/temperature gauges and so proved communication from the wellbore to the wellhead. This relayed critical reservoir pressure and temperature data which the client used for depletion monitoring and for the planning of an infill drilling campaign. 

To unlock the full potential of the system and allow for greater control, Tendeka embarked on a project to prove bi-directional communication via a PulseEight interval control valve (ICV).  The device was required to send pressure/temperature data to the surface and pressure pulses were sent down the well to communicate with the ICV in a multi-phase fluid environment.

PulseEight technology simplifies operations by removing the need for traditional hydraulic or electric control lines. Downhole connections are eliminated and therefore overall system costs are significantly reduced and HSE is improved. The device can either be fitted during the completion phase, or retrofitted into existing wells in order to maximize production. 

Each device functions independently providing modular flexibility to meet a range of requirements from low cost single zone monitoring to full multi-zone, multi-lateral measurement and control. With PulseEight there are no limits to what can be achieved.

Gary Smart, Chief Executive Officer of Tendeka said: “This is the first step towards a truly intelligent completion, providing enhanced production optimization, improved field management and additional value for our clients.”  

Tendeka strives to push the development of completion technologies to provide effective solutions for our clients globally. 

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