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Rosneft hails longest well

By  OE Staff Friday, 17 November 2017 10:57

Rosneft, part of the Sakhalin-1 Consortium, has successfully completed drilling of the world's longest well, from Orlan platform at Chaivo field in the Sea of Okhotsk.

The well, with horizontal completion, is 15000m-long (15km). Rosneft says the well is "a supercomplex well with DDI (Directional drilling index) of 8.0 and 14,129m stepout."

Chaivo is one of three fields of Sakhalin-1 project. It is north-east of Sakhalin in 14-30m depth near the Orlan platform. The field was commissioned in 2005.

A number of world records have been set in extended reach drilling since the start of drilling at Sakhalin-1 project in 2003. Taking into account the new record long well, the Sakhalin-1 Consortium has drilled nine out of 10 of the world's longest wells, Rosneft says.

Since 2013 the project has set five world records for measured depth of wells. In April 2015 development well О-14 with length of 13,500m, 13,000m-long Z-40 well was drilled and completed in 2014, wells Z-43 and Z-42 were drilled in April and June 2013 with the length of 12,450m and 12,700m, respectively.

Installation of Orlan platform was completed in July 2005, and drilling started in December 2005. The platform has minimum structures for crude treatment because of produced oil is delivered to Chaivo Onshore Processing Facility. 

Sakhalin-1 Consortium Project partners are: Rosneft (20%), ExxonMobil (30%), SODECO (30%), and ONGC Videsh (20%).

Sakhalin-1 includes three offshore fields: Chaivo, Odoptu and Arkutun-Dagi, in the north-eastern shelf of Sakhalin.

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