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Magma's m-pipe, IDP light well intervention system

Written by  OE Staff Tuesday, 21 June 2016 15:11

In this animated video, Magma Global shows how m-pipe and the Magma IDP system can be used for deepwater hydraulic pumping and light well intervention from small vessels. 

This short video also includes a fly-around of the IDP system that will be available for low cost rental in the Gulf of Mexico in late 2016.

Increasing well depths, LWI operating pressures and more corrosive fluid demands are now taking coiled tubing beyond the limits of its capability. Coiled tubing reels are also large and coiled tubing is prone to handling damage, plastic deformation, fatigue and chemical attack, necessitating regular replacement, reduced intervention campaign efficiency and higher costs.

m-pipe combats the operational fatigue and flow rate challenges of coiled tubing, providing efficient light well intervention to rectify downhole issues rapidly and maximize a well’s commercial life. Magma has developed a 3000m 3in m-pipe and IDP (integrated deployment package) as a practical high flow rate hydraulic pumping solution up to 15ksi for offshore light well intervention, with the capability to withstand highly corrosive intervention fluids such as HCl.

Subsea light well intervention (LWI) from small construction and support vessels is increasingly used to achieve increased commercial production from subsea wells, avoiding the need to mobilize costly MODU. m-pipeis an ideal product to facilitate subsea intervention in a safe and reliable manner. m-pipe has applications in IWOCS, downline and chemical injection systems, offering hydraulic LWI benefits due to the light weight of m-pipe and the Magma compact IDP integrated deployment package is suited to the back deck of most vessels.

Magma has developed a complete IDP subsea intervention system in collaboration with back-deck specialist MDL, enabling rapid and efficient mobilization onto a deployment vessel using a lightweight crane. The IDP comprises of a modular reeler with level wind, m-pipe riser and handling system, built-in tensioner, control cabin, power unit, installation deck and retrieval winch, designed for rapid deployment and retrieval down to 3000m.

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