OE’s 2021 Top of the Festive YouTube Video Pops

Credit: Oceaneering/Youtube (Screenshot)
Credit: Oceaneering/Youtube (Screenshot)

No year is the same without the annual corporate festive YouTube videos. And while the pandemic is yet again trying to do its best to ruin our holidays, offshore companies have still provided us with a crop of Christmas cheer.

Oceaneering, again, tops our Top of the Festive Pops. It seems that having a theme park business side-line supports pretty neat 3D animations. However, neat tools are no good without a bit of imagination and again Oceaneering steers a nice course between showing off company capabilities, across subsea, space, theme parks, and automation, while also having a bit of festive fun. Christmas cookies and tinsel-covered ships, what’s not to like?

Subsea 7, usually our close number two, starts off well, featuring their signature angler fish (albeit confined to a snow globe) on the bridge of one of their vessels in the middle of a snowy offshore scene, but it’s soon a lot of “messaging” around carbon footprints, safety and cleaning up beaches. Bring back more of the angler fish – release the poor thing from the snow globe!

The Net Zero Technology Centre (NZTC), also high up on the list last year (as the Oil & Gas Technology Centre, as it was then known), thanks to its access to fancy graphics, this year features a tree covered in baubles housing technology highlights from the NZTC – tho one features CEO Colette Cohen, maybe not what you’d expect when peering at your Christmas tree baubles!  

Teledyne, which tends to go for a traditional Christmas card equivalent, this year has drawings from the children of its staff, which is actually quite sweet, and nice for staff involvement morale. So we like that. By the way, if your child has come up with a cool, but simple, Christmas doodle, have a go at making it dance, by loading it into this AI tool. https://sketch.metademolab.com/ It’s fun!

Bluewater lights up a fleet, from FPSOs to cruise liners, with offshore wind-powered energy delivered from, no doubt, Bluewater designed and supplied buoy-based offtake systems, at source, offshore. A simple glimpse into the offshore renewable energy-powered marine future.

Forum Energy Technologies joins in this year. While it’s a quality animation, the message? No one bothered to put any Christmas dec’s up at FET HQ, so a Christmas fairy had to do it! Still, the fairy at least did a decent job…

Repsol has gone for a John Lewis/Marks & Spencer style feel-good advert that has nothing to do with its product/services, on the face of it, this year. A chap humming a Christmas tune sparks a spontaneous Christmas singalong in a shopping hub. Warming stuff.

Few are worthy of much more comment – although we’d love to see more. If you’ve spotted a Festive video we should include, please tell us! Scroll down for links to previous year’s OE Top of the Festive Pops!


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