First multiclient geohazard UHR3D survey in GOM

SAFE-BAND ultra-high-res 3D seismic survey to begin 1 June 2014 in Gulf of MexicoThe first multi-client geohazard ultra-high-resolution 3D seismic survey is about to begin in the US Gulf of Mexico.

NCS SubSea Inc., Geotrace Technologies Inc., and SpecPartners Ltd. have announced the start date for a multiphase, large-scale innovative project called SAFE-BAND.  It will be the first multi-client geohazard survey on a regional scale utilizing ultra-high-resolution 3D seismic (UHR3D), emphasizing the upper 1.0-1.5 seconds below the seafloor.

The survey will target the deepwater trend of Green Canyon, Ewing Bank, Atwater Valley, Mississippi Canyon, and Viosca Knoll.

Stafford, Texas-based NCS Subsea, which will provide acquisition services, says that the combination of P-Cable technology from San Jose, California-based Geometrics Inc., and NCS's own proprietary navigation system, NavPoint Trawler, produces excellent resolution of near-surface geological structures for geohazard imaging, 4D imaging, shallow reservoir imaging, and can be used for environmental safety mapping.

The SAFE-BAND P-Cable system includes: 18 x GeoEel solid streamers at 12.5m x-line spacing; 16 groups/streamer at 6.25m spacing; 12 phones/group providing > 5 octaves bandwidth; sample interval up to 0.125msec; towing depth of 4m; and a single 210cu. in. GI gun source.

Houston, Texas-based Geotrace Technologies will process the data. The company recently launched its   proprietary HDBand suite of deghosting techniques, which focuses on recovering low and high frequencies to produce cleaner, sharper, and higher resolution seismic data, especially in marine reservoir applications.

HDBand works with other techniques such as Q compensation and spectral  whitening, and can be used  to compensate for seismic attenuation and  improve seismic resolution for structural  and stratigraphic  interpretation, inversion, an  reservoir characterization.

UK-based SpecPartners will provide G&G services and marketing.

The partners secured industry underwriting  and acquisition starts 1 June 2014.

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