OTC Spotlight Awards reward technological advances

April 29, 2015

This year’s OTC Spotlight Awards showcases innovation in offshore seismic, drilling, subsea operations, inspection, performance maintenance and monitoring, and more. Congratulations to the recipients!


MultiNode all-electric intelligent well system

Baker Hughes’ MultiNode provides remote-controlled monitoring and precise control of production zones. The system adjusts to changing reservoir conditions by choking back high-water and high-gas producing zones, balancing production along the lateral.

Mark IV High-Availability (HA) BOP Control System

Cameron’s HA BOP Control System features a three-point of distribution (POD) design option for subsea BOPs to add redundancy for improved the operational availability of the drilling system to as much as 98%.


Fishbones’ Dreamliner creates an array of targeted small diameter laterals into formations to impact productivity. Numerous laterals are individually but simultaneously drilled by harnessing fluid flow through turbines.

Annulus Monitoring System

FMC’s Annulus Monitoring System provides independent condition monitoring within the subsea wellhead from the onset of drilling. The communication system delivers actionable information to the operator during critical phases of well installation and commissioning from multiple analog or digital sensors within annular locations.

RezConnect Well Testing System

Halliburton’s RezConnect offers full acoustic control of drill-stem testing tools. Downhole samplers, valves, and gauges are controlled in real-time and their status is communicated to the surface.

Deepwater Pile Dredge

Oceaneering’s Deepwater Pile Dredge is an electrically-driven system with pumps that provide water jetting and suction. The jetting provides a 360° pattern to fluidize the soil, and then suction pumps remove the soil.


Magna Subsea Inspection System

Oceaneering’s Magna Subsea Inspection System is a screening inspection tool that assesses the mechanical integrity of assets without disrupting production. The system is ROV-deployable, inspects 360° around the pipe, and provides real-time data of the wall condition.


Multiphase Compressor

OneSubsea’s Multiphase Compressor is a wet gas compressor that enables compression of the unprocessed well stream without any need for pre-processing.


ARCA Chain Connector

SBM Offshore’s ARCA places the chain articulation in the mooring lines allowing them to be recovered for inspection and maintenance, while enabling diverless connection and disconnection.


GeoSphere reservoir mapping-while-drilling service

Schlumberger’s GeoSphere reservoir mapping-while-drilling service reveals subsurface-bedding and fluid-contact details more than 100ft (30m) from the wellbore. This reservoir-scale view enables operators to adjust landing, reservoir exposure, and refine field development plans using deep-directional measurements enabled by real-time interpretation solutions.


Quanta Geo photorealistic reservoir geology service

Schlumberger’s Quanta Geo photorealistic reservoir geology service provides core-like microresistivity images that visually represent formation geology. These images enable visual identification of facies and determination of directional trends.


Tracerco’s Discovery allows operators to externally inspect coated lines for flow assurance and pipeline integrity issues without removing any coatings. Discovery identifies hydrate, wax, asphaltene or scale in real time without production interruption.



Versabar’s Versacutter delivers a long reciprocating cutting wire up to 20ft below the mudline by jetting, with the wire continuously cutting through the piles and conductors.


Red Eye Subsea Water-Cut Meter

Weatherford’s Red Eye Subsea Water-Cut Meter uses near-infrared absorption to provide water-onset detection, water-cut measurement, and water-to-hydrate inhibitor-ratio measurement. The meter can operate in full three-phase flow streams at any gas-volume fraction and is not affected by changes in salinity.


Total Vibration Monitor with Angular Rate Gyro

The Weatherford Total Vibration Monitor with Angular Rate Gyro is a downhole sensor that provides critical drilling dynamics data in real-time and recorded formats, utilizing MEMS-based (micro-electromechanical system) angular-rate gyro.


Welltec Annular Barrier (WAB)

The Welltec Annular Barrier (WAB) is an expandable, metal annular barrier engineered and qualified to replace cement in well construction, WAB is cementless primary well barrier qualified to ISO V0 meeting regulatory standards.


WiSub Maelstrom Pinless Subsea Wet-Mate Connector

WiSub’s Maelstrom connector applies inductive coupling for power transfer and microwave communication methods for 100Mbps data rates, while also eliminating the pins from subsea wet-mate connectors.

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