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CDC set to commercialize its multi-purpose jackup design

OE Staff Tuesday, 28 November 2017 21:26

Multi-purpose vessel designer CDC Scotland is set to commercialize its first vessel design through Dutch firm OOS Energy, part of OOS International. 

OOS Energy, which is also building two semisubmersible crane vessels, is planning to build two units, the first of which will be the OOS Multi Activity Unit (MAU) Luctor et Emergo

The unit will be a DP2 self-propelled jackup, is designed for a wide range of services with cross-over capabilities from offshore oil and gas to renewables.  

It will be based on the CDC Chameleon concept, designed by CDC Scotland, a multi-purpose vessel, with capability from well completions to plugging and abandonment and decommissioning, and is offered as a "blank canvas" to be adapted to suit the specific needs of each vessel owner.   

The OOS Luctor et Emergo will have two 1200-ton cranes, giving it 2400-ton lifting capacity, which will be able to lift the majority of platforms in the southern North Sea, says CDC. 

Once loaded on board, the vessel will also be able to transport and offload the removed platforms, so that no other support vessels or heavy lifting services are required.   

The 2400-ton lifting capability will also allow the vessel to cross-over into the renewables market for the installation of monopiles, jackets and turbines.  

OOS Energy says it is actively working on finalizing the equipment packages and is in final discussions with shipyards for the construction of the two units with an expected availability in Q4 2020 and Q1 2021.

CDC Scotland, based in Glasgow, deliver inventive marine engineering solutions to vessel owners operating in offshore oil and gas and renewables. 

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