Brunvoll DP2 System Passed Sea Trial

Thursday, February 1, 2024

The very first Brunvoll BruCon DP2 dynamic positioning system has passed third party verification onboard the offshore vessel Stril Mar.

The BruCon DP2 installation was part of a larger power and energy management system upgrade onboard Stril Mar, delivered by SEAM AS. The upgrade and sea trial took place at Westcon Yards AS, in Ølensvåg. Through supplier SEAM AS, Simon Møkster Shipping AS ordered all batteries, a power management system upgrade, a retrofit to Brunvoll’s BruCon DP2 system, and requested that all updates should be in coordination with the existing Unified Bridge concept onboard.

“This project has been relatively complex with the larger number of suppliers involved, and short deadlines. It has been great to see all contributors working well together and managing all challenges as a team,” says Svein Mannes, Project Manager in SEAM.

“The new DP2 system from Brunvoll seems to be built on a good philosophy with simplicity and user-friendly interfaces in focus. I have the same impression of Brunvoll in this project as from earlier, of professional and experienced industry peers who approach challenges head on. Commissioning has progressed surprisingly well, despite this being the first delivery of Brunvoll’s BruCon DP2 system.

“For us, the next upgrade for Møkster starts already in the middle of February, and we in SEAM will continue on our mission of implementing hybrid battery systems for the maritime industry.”

(Photo: Svein Erik Økland / Brunvoll AS)

Available for newbuilds and as a retrofit solution, the Brunvoll BruCon DP2 system is a modern control system with human centered interface design, all developed inhouse. The engineers behind have delved into the latest research and methods on control theory, with estimation and filtering based on nonlinear passive observers.

The new Brunvoll DP2 system is based off the fifth generation BruCon Control Systems platform, with a modern modular software architecture. The models, which estimate the environment continuously, extends to the whole speed range of the vessel, including the highly nonlinear medium range at about 4 to 8 knots.

With less test time outside the harbor than expected, the system was effectively tuned, adjusted, and verified, ready for third party testing less in less than 48 hours.

Frode Bloch, Executive Vice President Engineering in Brunvoll for Controls & Electrical explains the effective installation and sea trial: “A great emphasis has been put on creating a control system which models the real world, and we have developed advanced inhouse simulation capabilities to make sure that our systems reflect and adapt physical laws and the environment. This resulted in a sea trial whichverified that the BruCon DP2 control system was already well adjusted in the simulation environment. Already set variables were controlled, but not changed, prior to third party verification onboard. I am impressed with the Brunvoll team and the effort that has been put into our new product.

Anne Jorunn Møkster said, "It's been some exciting weeks for us in Simon Møkster Shipping with major upgrades for battery and energy management systems, and retrofit to the BruCon DP2 system from Brunvoll. But the best part is that everything works together! Now, Stril Mar sails again, and continues the contract for Equinor after a successful upgrade.

"Simon Møkster Shipping has several initiatives at the moment. The next upgrade project is starting in a few weeks. At Simon Møkster Shipping, we are actively working towards being as energy efficient as possible, constantly seeking opportunities to reduce consumption and emissions. The battery option is a fantastic supplement for reducing emissions, and additionally, there is the safety aspect of having multiple energy sources to rely on in critical situations.

"For us, it's positive to work with Brunvoll on this project. Over the years, we have had good experience with Brunvoll’s thrusters. Of course, there have been some challenges as with all suppliers, but Brunvoll has been supportive and delivered when needed.

"As we realized that Brunvoll was expanding their range with more products, we decided to take a nextstep with Brunvoll and their BruCon DP2 solution. When dealing with multiple suppliers, it's easy to end up with them pointing fingers at each other. Therefore, we see it as an advantage to reduce the number of suppliers, and Brunvoll has a fantastic and long history both in terms of products and service.

Anne Jorunn Møkster continued, "I was on board the ship myself and saw the new BruCon DP2 system and heard from the crew. The impression is of a visually good product that fits well into the rest of the bridge. Our personnel have been attending training at Brunvoll’s facilities where there has been good dialogue and collaboration. In addition, improvements have already been made based on the crew's feedback throughout the project.

"Now we have reached 2024, and after a downturn the market is back to a better situation. There has recently been a larger request from Equinor to use ammonia as an energy carrier, and there are major renewals underway in the offshore industry. To sum up, there have hardly been any new offshore vessels built in the last ten years, but going forward there are more opportunities to make the right choices and investments."

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