TDI-Brooks' New Vessel Ready for Work

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

TDI-Brooks' newest vessel R/V Nautilus (formerly known as Nautical Geo) is ready to go to work following a 6-month retrofit period in Las Palmas.

The DP2 vessel is currently enroute to the U.S. East Coast to provide support for offshore wind operations. It is expected to be fully prepared for the first offshore wind program by early March.

Built in 2000, the 75-meter-long vessel is equipped with the newly-acquired Geomiil Manta-200 CPT, which can be deployed through the mid-ship moonpool. The system has the capability to penetrate the soil up to 40-50 meters, depending on its composition.

Nautilus provides a wide range of offshore support, including subsea services, construction assistance, exploration, production, AUV, ROV and diving support, TDI-Brooks said, noting the vessel also caters to military operations, scientific marine research, and survey mapping.

“TDI-Brooks remains dedicated to the expanding offshore wind market and other scientific survey initiatives,” said Jim Brooks, TDI-Brooks President and CEO.

The Nautilus is a highly adaptable vessel equipped with various features and tools. It has a North American MCK-1240 upper forecastle deck on the starboard side, which includes a SWL 7.1-ton crane. Additionally, the vessel offers spacious accommodation with 46 berths and a large deck capacity.

In addition, the Nautilus is equipped with Geomil Manta-200 CPT, Neptune 3K & 5K vibracorers and a specially designed pneumatic vibracorer by TDI-Brooks. These tools enable efficient and accurate geotechnical surveys and sampling.

The Nautilus is equipped with a Teledyne RESON full ocean depth multibeam echosounder (MBES), which enables surveys up to approximately 2,500 meters water depth. It is particularly useful for conducting hydrographic marine surveys, surface geochemical "seep-hunting" (SGE), and seabed heatflow surveys (HF).

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